Girl's Talk Magazine Part' 2

April 1, 2010
Its 2a.m. and Anthony is calling me an I'm thinking "Why the heck is he calling me this early." I answered it with a growl. "What do you want Anthony?" I said in a weak sleepy tone. "I just needed to talk to you." He said acting like 2a.m. isn't early at all. "What's so important that I am up at 2a.m.?" There has to be a valuble reason,I mean come on he wouldn't just call for nothing. Maybe, its about the magazine. I grabbed my notepad just in case. "I'm sorry that I woke you up Sydney." He said my name so sweetly,but wait no relationship with bestfriend. Atleast I could write that down for the magazine. I listened to him. "Sydney I need to tell you something really important. Its about" He paused. "Anthony? Hello? About what?" He breathed into the phone. "Its nothing Sydney I'll tell you another time, when your fully awake." Anthony laughed lightly and wished me goodnight. I said goodnight also and we both hung up. I had alot to think about. My bestfriend was keeping a big secret from me. Just what was it. I turned off my light and went to sleep. Had a really long day to look forward to.

Chapter 3: I meant it when I said "Long day"

OK. It wasn't the fact that just because Anthony called me so early I wasn't too tired to actually work. I took a sip of my Moco frappachino from "Starbucks." They were my favorite. The next thing I know as I'm gulping down caffine, there's awhole lot of folders and letters that I. Yes me. Had to edit. All by myself. NO HELP AT ALL. That's the only thing that bothered me about having a magazine. I actually have to work. My mind slipped again as I thought of Anthony. What did he want to talk about?

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