He Wakes Up

April 1, 2010
By , hartland, WI
He wakes up. It’s a month before cross country starts. He needs to get in shape. So everyday he wakes up and goes for a run. He eats a healthy breakfast, goes outside to stretch, then begins his run. He runs on the path through the woods. Every thing is fine; he runs this route every day. Until a pain hits his lungs. This never happened before. He stops running, he walks back home. He takes it as pushing himself too hard and takes a break from running for a few days. But the next time he goes for a run he finds he is getting more worn out, much faster than he usually does. Then the pain in his chest gets worse, and he feels faint. Later his mom takes him to the doctor. Something is wrong. His heart can’t handle the exercise. Who knew being athletic and fit could kill you? He can’t try out for cross country, he can’t go on his daily run. If he does he risks his life. But theses are all things his doctor told him not to do. He will cheer on his friends at the sport that he couldn’t be apart of, but even with the risk, he will still go on his run.

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