Just another work day

April 13, 2010
It was just another work day. I woke to the chimes of my phone reading, “get up”. The mornings were always the same. Get up. Eat. Brush Teeth. Be out the door by seven. This morning was no different. I hopped my cherry red wrangler and was off to the office. The light turn red and no sooner I came to halt, the gas light came on to give me a friendly reminder. The light turned green but the grey Cadillac in front of me did not move. “Come on… go!” I mumbled. Still the Cadillac stayed motionless. The light turned yellow and was soon followed by red. The gray Cadillac turned off it’s engine and continued to sit. Once again the light turned green, but the car did not move. There was not a not a person nor car in sight. I sat anxiously waiting for any movement from the car. The light turned yellow, red, and for the third time green. I looked again at the gas gauge, it read a solid empty. “My god, go!” I yelled why slamming the car horn. A man dressed in all black slammed open the door of the grey Cadillac. He tapped on the window while mouthing, “Open your window.” Slowly the window went down and I smelled the whiff of alchohol on the man’s breath. “I said to my buddy over there, if this guy behind me honks before three light cycles, I’ll kill him. But if he doesn’t, I’ll give him all the money in my pocket.” The man in black said. He scratched his bearded chin and said, “You ain’t getting rich today pal.” Time seemed to slow and he reached into his suaude jacket pocket. He was wearing a silver ring with the letters, P, L, U, and R inked into his knuckles. His gun was .33 mm black revolver, it too reeked of ahcolhol and death. It was raised at a 45 degree angle. I gripped my steering wheel and prepared for certain peril. *click* The gun did not fire. He bent over breathing fumes into my face and said, “But you ‘aint dying neither.” A suede jacket brushed my door as the man in black turned swiftly and walked back to his grey Cadillac, and drove away. My car soon then stalled out as I sat there trying to wrap my head around what just occurred.

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bookworm said...
Apr. 25, 2010 at 5:12 pm
well written. very suspenseful; rather creepy
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