The white beed

April 13, 2010
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As Linda slipped on her jeweled pink flip flops she notices something missing. Just the way the flip flop felt and looked on her foot threw her off. It was on of the shinney white beads missing from the fancy trim. Her mother used to always sew a fancy beaded trim to Linda' s new flip flops. Her mother felt it gave her something original that no one else had. Also a piece of home, but most of all her. A little thing that reminded her that her mom will always be with her. Linda got up and ran to the living room where her dad was located. "Dad can you fix my sandal a bead fell off.", said Linda "Honey im sorry , but i have no idea how to fix it.", says her dad in a mellowed voice while watching the news.
Linda then twisted her body to face the kitchen and dragged her feet to the drawer that contained the sewing kit. She then sewed the bead back on the best she could. Using the skills and methods her mother once thought her in the past. "Beep Beep" sounded a horn of a SUV. Linda sprinted to her bed room gathering all her stuff. "Bye dad Kristin is her i will be home soon." , Yelled Linda towards the living room as she walked out the door. Her dad just waved and went back to watching the news report. Back to his dazed look that made him look like he was no longer on the earth. He was some were else in the distent memories we call the past.

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