Evergreen ~ Chapter 2:

April 12, 2010
"Bubbles, rising through the air. Underwater, I peer above me, to see them float in zig-zaged motions, until they hit the surface and pop.

"I watch them closely. They show that my time here is unlimited.... for now. I am still only human, and I need air like I need the sea. My time here is limited, for now.

"My happy place is here, and this is where I belong. My home on the land is just for show. To make me seem at least semi-normal. My little moment of bliss is over. I float to the top, and gasp for air, take another deep breath, and go off onto shore. The sun sets on a prefect day, turtles lay eggs on the beach as seagulls watch over them. Awaiting for their hatch, and soon to be meal. This is my favortie place to be."

I said my concluding sentance, and sat down. This was the last day I would spend here. My grandmother wants me to go to a boarding school, but she's not in much condition to watch the kids. She just had a hip surguiry and is basicly bedridden. So I have to.

I visit my mother every day after school. I don't dare bring the girls in. it's too painfull, even for me. Seing her lie there, motionless and helpless. So fragile.

They say she's in a vegitative state. That she might not wake up. I have my doubts, and knwo that my mother is too strong to let that happen. It's now been a week that I have been alone at home, and a week my mother's been in a coma, and a week that my father's been in jail. My life is falling apart.

But then, a small, speck of light at the end of this tunnel of despair. Something so small, so insignifigant, that it barley even matters. Something that made me so happy.

I sat on the roof of our house- where I was closest to the sky. My mother always joked to everyone that I belonged to the sea and the sky- and they belonged to me. The sun setting, it made me feel like I had lost something- a day. I had lost a day. And then, I fell asleep for a short period of time. I looked up at the stars above me.

They were one of my favorite things. Stars, the sea, snow, and the sun. That was the end of it. And grass. New, freshly srung grass between my toes. I had fallen a victim to its beauty, the same way as now, as I do for sleep. An undeniable part of life, I guess. The thing that keeps you away from total happyness. And then, as I woke, I found the oddest thing-

A boy- one with black hair and blue eyes, staring at me, WATCHING me, as I was sleeping.

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ellelavielovee said...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 9:14 pm
i like how it's a cliff hanger, not really saying anything about who or why the boy is watching her sleep.
cupcakesNbrownies97 replied...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 9:35 pm
Don't worry, elle (Can I call you elle?) I'll explain more in Chpater three. I think it's posted, but not completely sure. Hope you like it though!
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