April 15, 2010
By lalaland33 SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
lalaland33 SILVER, Carrollton, Texas
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Madeline McKenzie didn’t think it was okay to lie. Well, not to a parent anyway. She had no intention of sneaking out in the first place, but it was either that or excessive humiliation for the rest of her life. Anyway, Maddy needed to go to the old Pizza Hut to pick up “Pola”, her sister Cynthia’s stuffed polar bear with a koala’s head sewn on top. Cynthia was prone to losing Pola in public places for some odd reason, even though she swears she brought it home. And the weirdest thing of all was that every place she leaves Pola, there’s some murder nearby. Which is totally weird. After Maddy picks Pola from Pizza Hut, she’s definitely going to Ashley Davison’s party.

Checking to make sure John and Silvia McKenzie (Dad and Mom) are asleep, Maddy grabs the car keys, and pepper spray (just incase someone tries to kidnap her) and jumped into the old Toyota. She could she Cynthia’s light on, refusing to sleep until she got Pola back.

Parking halfway on the curb at the pizza place (she only has a learner’s permit), she got out quickly, hoping that any police cruisers would stay off this road.

Inside, a blast of cool air knocked Maddy off her balance. People in northern Pennsylvania don’t need to keep the air conditioner this high. Seriously.

Though she did not expect what she saw.

A thing with back legs of a lion, front legs of a lizard. It had the body of a large, fat python. The head was half a snake and half a leopard. Its teeth were similar to newly sharpened knives, while its tail had a look that said “Stay back. If I hit you, you’re dead”. It paid no attention to Maddy, but instead at the pile of…person. The innocent guy… or girl was ripped to shreds of flesh and cloth, blood seeping and flooding the floor. And the stench! He/she was so mixed up; his/her remains barely resembled anything human.

A scream caught in Maddy’s throat. She stopped it before it rung out through out the entire restaurant, catching the monster’s attention.

She backed out slowly and quietly fearing that the monster would turn and kill her next. Oh, why did I sneak out? I would be safe home. Oh my God. Do I call the police? No, then I’d get in trouble for driving without a license OR a person WITH a license. I’ll probably be sent to Juvie or something! A panicked moment she froze outside, unable to decide what to do.

Go home and pretend this never happened. No! I need to go to that party! Yeah, I’ll forget about this, but I’ll go to the party.

With that, she promptly left without a sound.
* * *

That morning, a scream woke the entire McKenzie household. It was coming from Maddy’s room.

John and Silvia came groggily, wondering what fashion crisis it was now. They slowly opened the door and saw the same monster Maddy saw last night, tearing her to pieces.

“Mom! Dad! Tell Cynthia that Pola’s still at Pizza Hut! And also…I sneaked out last night!” Maddy screeched hysterically, pain biting into every word. She knew she might as well admit it… it’s not like she was going to be alive to be grounded or anything.

John and Silvia rapidly left to call the police, but when they came back, the monster was gone, and all that was left was the remains of Maddy McKenzie and a blood coated Pola.

The End

Theme: Don’t go lie and sneak behind your parents backs because you may just end up with a terrible fate….

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