Miracles CAN Happen

April 14, 2010
By niaaa. BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
niaaa. BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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Its summer, school is out. On April’s walk home from school, she is thinking to herself; what am I going to do this summer? Since she’s living in a home with her single mother and her two younger siblings, it’s hard to go to camp because it cost a lot of money in California, at least the good ones do. All of a sudden a black 2008 Pontiac Solstice roles up right beside her while she is walking. He says “Hey you have you ever considered the fact of being a model?” April says nothing and continues to walk. She knows better, not to talk to strangers. “I’m not going to hurt you. Can you at least take my card and call me when you get a chance? I want you to join my modeling business, since you do have a different type of look. “Come on just take my card” April finally gives in and takes it, and hurries away home. The car takes a u-turn and speeds down the quiet street.

April enters her tiny home. Her home only has two rooms and is only ____ sq ft. She walks into her 10X16 room in which she shares with her two younger siblings. After she dropped her book bag and stuffs it in her closet. She goes into her mom’s room next, to check on her, since she is very sick.
“Hey mom, how are you feeling today?” says April
“Sit down honey I have to talk to you.” Says the mother
April sits in fear on her mother’s bed.
“I went to the doctors today and they told me I am diagnosed with cancer. The only way for me to stay alive longer is for me to get the cancer treatment. The only problem is that the treatment cost thousands of dollars, and we don’t have the money to afford this. So I’m going to the hospital tomorrow morning, so I will need you to step up the slack a little bit while I’m in the hospital and trying to stay alive.” Says the mother
Tears are rolling down April’s face as she tries to breathe. She thinks of the fact of how she’s going to lose her mother.
“It’s okay April, things happen. We will just enjoy the days that I am alive and enjoy every last minute of them,” says the mother
April’s siblings walk through the door. And so they say:
“What’s going on? Why are you crying April?”
“Mom has cancer, and she only has a few weeks to live. She needs treatment, but we can’t afford it,” says April
Everyone in the room starts to cry.
Its morning and April cooks for her siblings and her. While she is cooking grits and toast. There is a knock at the door: it’s the ambulance. They are at the door because they are coming to take her mother. April’s sister Charlotte opens the door. A man and a woman come in with a stretcher wearing their ambulance uniform; they go straight to the mother’s room. As they strap their mother onto the stretcher: April, Charlotte, and Sydney sit on their tiny beat down tannish brown couch; they wait until their mother comes out of her room. As each of them hugs their mother while she’s on the stretcher all of them hold back the tears. And April says:
“We will come and visit you tomorrow”
“Okay be safe you guys, and don’t worry about me I will be fine,” says the mom
The man and the woman take their mother out. They wave and say:
“Love you!”
The living room is silent. April gets up and goes and finishes the breakfast. And then yells:
“The food is ready. Come make your plates”
Charlotte and Sydney come in the kitchen and pull out their plates. It’s still quiet and there is so much tension in the room. The silence breaks while the three of them are eating their breakfast in the small little table in the kitchen.
“Thanks for the food April. Imma miss mom. We need to find a way to get some money, so she can get the treatment for her” says Sydney
“For you to be only 10years old you know so much” April says
Everyone at the table laughs.
“Yea I agree witchu, let’s think….. Wait I will be back.” says April
April runs to their room. She pulls her book bag out of her closet and digs out that card. It read:
HOURS- 11:00AM-10:30PM
She runs back into the kitchen and tells her sisters her brilliant plan.
“Okay so yesterday I was walking home from school yesterday and this man stopped me. He gave me this card.” says April
“So? Where are you going with this?” says Charlotte
“Chill let me finish. The card he gave me was a model agency card. He gave it to me talking about I got a “different look” whatever that means. I know if I join this agency they will pay me quite a bit of money. Then we can get mom’s cancer treatment. Does it sound like a plan? ” says April
“Good idea April, when do you start?” says Sydney
“Today would be good. But what time is it?” says April
April looks at the clock it says 9:30 pm.
“Okay well let me get dressed now so I can make my way to the place, so I can be the first one there,” says April
April runs into her room grabs a pair of polo jeans and her underclothes. She runs into the bathroom with her hands full of her stuff. She takes a quick shower so she won’t waste too much of their water. She comes out all ready and dressed. She tells her second oldest sister Charlotte she will be back in like 4 hours. “Don’t do anything stupid. “She runs out the door so she can catch the next city bus to Hollywood Av. She looks at her watch it reads 9:43. The bus comes at 9:45 she will make it she’s almost there. Finally, she’s at the bus stop. She puts her hands on her knees as she’s panting for breathe and the warmness that fills the air touches her caramel light skin. The bus rolls up, she puts in her bus token and she’s off to Hollywood Ave.
It takes an hour and a half to come from San Francisco to Los Angeles. As she steps off the bus she sees Los Angeles crowded by girls walking around in bathing suits with large sunglasses placed upon their face; boys in their swim trunks and a pair of flip flops. She stares in awe, since she has never been in Los Angeles before. As she snaps out of her staring she goes ahead and looks for the modeling agency. April walks down the long strip on Broadway Ave. She finally sees a sign that says: “Golden Globes Modeling Agency” she skips in joy because she found the place. She steps into the air conditioned facility. Soon as she walked in the guy who gave her the card spotted her. The 5’8 dark haired gentlemen greeted her:
“Hey, I think I remember you. Are you the girl who I had to almost begged to take my card?” he said with a chuckle
“Hahaha, yea that’s me. By the way apologize for that.” April says
“Well, why are you here?” says the guy
“I’m here to join your modeling agency” says April
“Okay that’s wonderful. To start off my name is Jonathan Gibbs, but you can call me Gibbs. And what is your name?’ says the guy
“Oh, well my name is April.”
“Since I already seen you before you don’t have to audition; see you’re a lucky one. And you know what you can start today. I’ve gotten a call from Beyonce this morning and she is looking for a older teenage girl to advertise her teenage fragrance that’s coming out. The pictures that we are going to take of you today, they’re going to be put into “Seven Teen Magazine” next month. So are you ready or what?” says Gibbs
“Uhhh am I? Of course, wow I don’t even know what to say.” says April
“There is nothing to say come on and follow me I have to take you to hair and makeup” says Gibbs.

They walk up at least 4 flights of stairs, just to get to hair and makeup; she is tired and feels a burning sensation in her legs. She just walks off the pain. He sits her down in the chair and the hair stylist gets started right away on her hair. In like a hour April’s hair is finished. She looks in the mirror and sees that she was given a nice short bob; she swings her hair a little so she can see the volume. Her mouth drops in awe, because she has never looked this beautiful before. The beautifying wasn’t even finished yet, she still had to go to makeup and get dressed for the photo shoot. As her makeup only takes 20 minutes, right after that she went to go get dressed for her photo shoot. She was given a cute outfit, they were regular clothes but they were just too cute.
She came out of the dressing room wearing a pretty striped green and pink cardigan. The material was 100% silk. She wore blue skinny fitted Dereon jeans. For her shoes she wore a nice fresh looking pair of chestnut UGGS. She had some beautiful brown handmade wooded bracelets on her arms with a nice pair of 14ct gold earrings in her ears. At this point April was feeling like a celebrity.
April walks out of the dressing room, and Gibbs ask: “Are you ready?” she nods and gets introduces to the photographer Anna. Anna points April to the directions towards the white screen with many lights surrounding it. April is sort of nervous but she doesn’t show it. She breathes and just waits for her to give the okay and go to start posing for these pictures.
“Alright, are you ready?”
April nods her head
“Okay! Begin”

April starts posing. Anna is screaming out things like: “Good, Oh you’re doing well; oh that’s a pretty one” After these encouraging words. April starts loosing up and starts smiling posing. April is starting to get use to this modeling thing. She is also starting to enjoy it. After about 80 photo frames used April was finished and Anna gave her a hug to congratulate her on her first photo shoot. After her hug Anna let her see some of her frames. To April’s eyes she liked them they look beautiful.

As April was about to leave Gibbs stops her at the door and says:
“Hey! Where you going? You can’t leave without your check”
“What? A check already? I didn’t even know”
Gibbs hands April the check it read $75,000.00 on it. April’s eyes grew 10 times bigger. Wow she can’t wait to tell her sisters about this very exciting day. As she running out the door to go catch the next bus. Gibbs yells out:
“Don’t forget to come back tomorrow”

April jumps out of her twin size bed, almost nearly falling out of it. She gasps for breath and pats her sister Charlotte and Sydney and says:

“Guys you won’t believe it, I just had a dream that mom had cancer, and she was nice loving mother”

“Wow really?” says Sydney in a sarcastic voice “Like I care, mom would never appreciate us she’s just selfish”

“You right, she probably deserved the cancer.” Says Charlotte

“Yea April so go to bed, and tell us this later” says Sydney

“But wait there’s more” says April

“GO TO BED!” says Charlotte

April goes to bed thinking of the odd dream she had. And how her sisters made her mother seem like a horrible person. Yea, she beat them at times when she was drunk but things happen, right?

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