Sometimes Being Nice Isn't the Best Thing

April 14, 2010
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I sat in Ms.Marchesi's history class struggling to keep my eyes open. I stayed up all night with my dad while he taught me some training technique, he was so tough on me. I was just waiting for that bell to ring. Gianee wanted to hang out after school. I lied and told her I was busy. I felt bad for lien to her, but i guess it wasn't totally a lie. I did have plans.... to go home and sleep. The bell finally rang releasing everyone to their weekend. I watched the hallways clear, breaking into a small jog as I went to my locker. I was walking so fast that when I turned the corner i tripped over some one's foot. I was waiting for the pain to come from hitting the floor but all I heard was a boy's grunt as I landed on top of him. I was so embarrassed; I had no idea what to say. His heart was beating so fast.

Boom boom boom.
"Oh, I’m so sorry.
"I said moving off of him.
"It’s fine. Are you okay?" he said sitting up looking me right in the eyes. He was so cute, his bright green eyes were just so familiar. But I couldn't figure out where I had seen him. I finally realized I was staring.
"Um, yes I’m fine. Thanks for catching me."
"It was no problem."

I smiled at him looking over his features. His blonde hair lightly brushed against his shoulders, his bangs moved every time he moved. My eyes landed right on the center of his chest; I was wishing I could look at him forever.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked.

I panicked. " Uhh yeah, yes, I’m sorry. You just look so familiar, i said. "Have we met before?"

"I don’t think so my family and I just moved here. " He replied. Oh I’m Josh by the way." He held out his hand. I took it nervously.

He smiled. My body shivered in an odd way. He was dreamy; he had my heart jumping in some way that i never felt. I know I knew him, I just didn't remember from where. I realized I was staring again. So I leaned against the wall of the locker, trying to hide my watching eyes. I heard footsteps coming down the hall.

“Josh, there you are. I looked everywhere for you." An unusual face said approaching Josh and I. His eyes were deep set blue, he was wearing ripped skinny jeans with a tight V neck t-shirt. He looked at me and suddenly i dropped my books on the floor. He didn't blink the whole time i was looking at him.

"I’m sorry. How rude of me. I’m Elijah, Josh's big brother...and his ride home." I smiled at him and grabbed my things. I was trying to listen to my instincts to get out of there, and go home.

“I'm Brittney. It was really great meeting you both, but I got to go now. Bye." I said running off, not even wanting to hear a response. Just ready for my weekend.

I sat in my room pressing the snooze button for the third time that morning. Angry the weekend had passed me by. Yet I had a small feeling of excitement. Something was making me happy, but I couldn't think of what. I got dressed for school. Throwing on skinny jeans, a white under shirt , and a pink and purple Aeropostale shirt over that. I arrived to the school, still feeling that urge to jump up and down. I walked through the two metal doors when Gianee stopped me.

“What happened to you this weekend?"

"Umm nothing, I pretty much slept all weekend," I replied.

"Oh okay just making sure everything was fine." "Well I’ll catch up with you in second period, I have to go to my locker," she said.

"Okay."i said, as i walked away.

Owwww !
"huh?" I said, dropping everything I had in my hands. He leaned down to pick up the things he had made me drop. I took the books he had in his hand. I stood frozen by his touch. A sick feeling went washing over me. The bubbly feeling in my stomach was fluttering.
"Are you okay?" He said.
I nodded pulling my hand away quickly.
“Ugh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you," Elijah said walking away to pick up the papers that flew across the hall. "
I helped. thanks." I gently leaned against a locker.

“Did I scare you that bad?" He asked.
I knew nodding wasn’t going to cut it this time so I said "No, of course not." He only looked at me even more intensely, that damn stare.
"You mind if I walk you to class, baby?" Uhh baby, I thought in my head. I wasn't too sure what was happening. I never felt more uncomfortable in my life.
"nah that's okay you don't have to , I have to walk all the way to the fourth floor." i quickly said.
"I don't mind at all." he said. At that point I knew he liked me but I wasn't too sure if i liked him back, he kind of freaked me out. I just met him yesterday and he was already calling me baby. I thought to myself, well i guess theres no harm in him walking me to class.

"Sure you can walk me."

"Well if you plan on walking me to class hurry cause I'm already late." i said.
"I'm good at writing signatures so I can write you a pass." he said.
"I'm not too sure about this." I said.
"Well you rather get in trouble?"
"No your right just hurry."
"Okay well first can we go to my math classroom I forgot something."
"Aight." i said. Man, i couldn't even be mean and say no to the boy, i was to nice for my own good. As we walk down the hall, he says, "So how you like the school.?"
"Its fine." i replied.
We finally got to the third floor, his math classroom.
"Come in with me and help find my math book. It says Elijah on the side and it has a big tear on the front."
"Ugh okay okay!" I was completely positive that I shouldn't go in the classroom alone with someone I barely knew, but what’s the worse that could happen?

I walked in front of him, so I could hurry and find his stupid math book. All a sudden I felt a big rough hand on the back of my neck, and I turn to my right to see a sharp knife in Elijah's hand.
"Mmmmmm, what chu tryna do?" I whispered.
I started to feel light headed.

"Get with me or your dad." he replied.

I was so nervous, i thought to myself, what should I say back, what should I do?
I leaned down alittle to lean on the desk in front of me, and i quickly remembered what my father taught me Thursday night. I quickly swung my arm and karate chopped the mess out his neck. I ran out the classroom screaming, "HELP", as loud as i could without turning around too see Elijah's reaction.

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