What Do You Dream?

April 14, 2010
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It was mid July, blue skies and fresh air. Riley was preparing for a quick swim in his backyard pool. After changing into his trunks, he dipped a foot into the ice cold water. He liked it cold like that though. When the water was that temperature, it truly felt like summer to him. Once he was to dive in, he heard a cell phone ringing. The phone had a certain ring to it. This all seemed a little too strange to Riley. He thought nothing of it, and continued to prepare to dive when- he suddnely popped up and stared into the glare of his window. It was morning. Another dream had happened last night.

The past few nights he had been having these dreams, and continuously awoke with sweaty palms and an unpleasant headache. It wasn't the kind of dreams that you wake up and find yourself slaughtered by a killer or a family of cannibals preys on your body. It was the kind of dream where everyday life always seemed to be turned upside down. One night it could be him failing a math test, or his teacher giving out surprise quizes. That kind of dream. It was the kind of things we don't expect to happen, but when they do they ultimately reflect our lives in different ways. The cause of the dreaming couldn't be figured out. Was it something he said? Ate? Or was it just typical life not going his way as usual. Dreams are known to jumble thoughts inside of people's minds, and usually frighten or intimidate most. Then again, they can be some of the most incredible experiences. These dreams Riley was riencing however, were the kind that could drive someone to depression.

These dreams were just the topping on the sundae of confusion though, seeing as Riley already struggled to deal with his life as it was. His father and mother were full-blooded Irish, and they drank hard liquor like camels. No siblings, and still a sophomore in high school, Riley didn't exactly have the "dream life" that others he had known had. He wanted to live in a palace, with a butler, and brothers and sisters, and parents who didn't know a thing about alcohol. Instead, he was a poor Irish boy, not a dollar to his name, and kept having recurring dreams that turned into real life situations. It wasn't natural. The dreams never had a big impact, except for one night when he dreamt that his girlfriend left him for his best friend. Riley woke up, sweat pouring from his forehead, he was dangerously worried.

The next day at school, Riley thought about approaching his best friend with the dream from last night. While on his way to his friends' locker, Riley heard this mysterious ringing of a cell phone. It sounded strangly similar to the one he had from his dream two nights ago. Though, he shook his head and kept on walking when he then arrived to the locker.
"Is this really gonna happen?"
Riley lifted his head to stare into the face of his best friend.
"Wait, Riley? Whatcha talking about? Tell me what's going on."
The tension by the lockers was awkward, Riley didn't know how to tell his best friend about the kinds of dreams that turn into reality. He didn't want to seem like a creep around his friend.
"You know what I mean Steve. You know what's going on. You're gonna steal Rachel from me, you no good backstabber!"
Riley took a strong gulp. He felt a pure knot in his chest. Fighting with friends always made him feel foolish and unreasonable.
"Steal Rachel? Have you lost your mind dude? I would never steal Rachel from you man. You're my best friend. Me and Rachel are just friends, take it easy."
He actually thought of hitting Steve there and then. But how could he? They've been through so much as friends. Life had begun to change for Riley. He wasn't sure who to trust anymore.

Days had passed, and the dreams were still happening. Sometimes, Riley would stay up all night and just tear his hair out of his scalp. Gazing at the ceiling, making friends with the shadows on the wall for fun. This had to end, before Riley had completely went off the deep end. I mean, he was Irish, and what about the Irish luck? Shouldn't he have that? Riley didn't want his dreams to happen anymore. In hope it would be gone, he decided to close his eyes and catch some sleep before he had school in the morning. It looked like summer again. Riley was prepared for yet another swin. That very cell phone ring was heard again, Riley began to think he had seen and heard this before. Riley quickly jumped up, letting go from the dream. He was all of a sudden back in his bed. Turning his head, he looked over to his nightstand. The ringing cell phone was his alarm clock. All the hell was over, and it was time for school.

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