Evergreen Chapter 3: There is a light

April 13, 2010
I screamed as loud as my lungs would allow, as the blue-eyed boy covered my mouth with his hand. "Shhh, you'll wake your neighboors," He soothed. His voice was creamey, and smooth like honey, but with a slight edge.

"Mind if I share your roof?" the guy asked me. He let go, as I stopped imediatly. I was fine with it, because I would want the same thing, to be accepted onto someone else's roof. But yet, slightly scared of the idea of a total stranger on my roof.

"Don't you have a roof of your own?" I asked, just a tad bit of anger to my voice. I usually am pretty mello, but not knowing always made me tense. "Nah, obviously I do, my parents' at least. I just like this one better. Perfect view of the stars."

I just laid there, then, falling victim of sleep, ever so slowly. "You started crying in your sleep," He commented. "You WATCHED me?" I whisper-yelled. Of course I knew, but it was just so- wierd.

"Yup." He said. "You're- interesting."

I had to laugh, "Oh." I said. "How interesting ?" I asked.

"Very." he said. I giggled. "No- um..... what's your name, exactly?" I asked. Never occured to me, that a stranger sat on my roof and I didn't even know his name. "Rage- you?" He said quickly. "Wait- RAGE?" "Yeah," "Real name?" "NO."

I sighed at his answer. "Then, RAGE, what is your real name?" He chuckled a bit, "Didn't like it, so I re-named myself. You like?" I smiled at him. He had some sort of a gravitational pull to him. Something about him- his black hair? His ocean blue eyes?

I thought about it. "Yes. And i'm Charlotte." I commented, after I was done thinking. He cam closer, his breath on my neck. I leaned in, smelling it. Mint, peppermint. "Charlotte? Nah, that's too long." He said. "let's shorten it-" "for a guy who's name is four letters long." I remarked. He grinned this crooked, almost smirk. "Yeah. I guess so."

We sat for a while after that. Just staring at the stars. "How about Charlie? or Char. Yeah, Char. You'll be my Char." He finnaly said. "Wait-" I said without thinking, "so i'm like, YOURS? As in....." I left it at that. He cupped his hand around my face. He leaned in, towards me, and breathed the words, "Yes, Char. I love you." And then, as if it were an ending, we sealed them with a kiss. My first, at that.

We broke the silence, and I blushed, turning red, tomato red. "So," I pondered,"Why me? Why not some preppy cheerleader?" I asked. He started laughing, and I wondered why. "Do I LOOK like I'm some jock who's a self-centered jerk?" and then I laughed, getting it. "I guess not. But why me? Why my roof? Out of all the girls in my school-" "And mine-" "Wait- you go to a different school than me?" I said. "Yes." I waited, and took a deep breath.

"Okay then. Well, either way, why me, though?" I finnished my question, finnaly. "Well, you're smart, and talented. AND prettty. And, you don't touch your hair every five seconds. Or wear make-up. Or even care about what other people think aboput you or adjust yourself to fit in. Or a self-centered, big-headed cheerleader. Just a nice, down-to-earth type of girl." He smiled, and then kissed me. it was more- passionate, and meaningfull. Not scared or anything. Just loveing.

"And I guess you're my type of girl."

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AjitN said...
May 2, 2010 at 9:56 am
Beautiful story. Kinda makes you a smile at the end. Keep going!
cupcakesNbrownies97 replied...
May 2, 2010 at 7:00 pm
Thank you sooooo much!chapter 4 is either out or in pending arpoval. Goin out to take pics of a rainbow!
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