New and Old

April 7, 2010
The hair feel over her eyes as she watched her feet step one in front of the other through the gray hallways. Every step took her closer to everything she didn't know and farther away from everything she needed. This new school was bigger than all the ones she'd ever been to but... she never felt lost. All the schools were the same to her. She heard a muffled voice behind her calling her name but no one knew her. Who could be calling her name? She turned slowly and saw a boy walking to her. She stared at him in disbelief at the likeness of his eyes and hers. And his freckles. And the shape of his smile. Almost like it was... But it couldn't be him... Could it? As he walked closer she became sure and a smile broke on her lips. She walked toward her brother and hugged him like she hadn't hugged him since five foster homes ago.

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