Emotional Insanity

April 6, 2010
By Josifer Cooke SILVER, Lurington, Michigan
Josifer Cooke SILVER, Lurington, Michigan
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She could not be of the human species with eyes that large and an electric lime green that seemed to pierce the base foundation of my soul entirely and bore a hole through straight to the small of my back where I could already begin to feel the fierce burn melting my skin from the sheer heat of her gaze which mirrored the intensity of her sly smirk that began to form in the corners of her mouth and curl up towards her cheek bone until her whole complexion radiated an aura of mischief of which I’m sure had to do with what she was planning while the gears in her mind clicked together in a figure similar to that of a jigsaw puzzle (and probably just as complicated as one) until finally her mind sputtered, coughed, and produced a plan of total brilliance on how she was to make the very minimal days of the rest of my existence a living hell in which I would most likely be tortured to the extent of my physical and mental, as well as emotional, ability to withstand such a devious yet well thought out plan that would most likely push myself to limits far beyond what I was willing to be pushed because she was the lion and I was the sheep in this game of her against me and I was the prey to her predator instincts as she decided when she was going to unexpectedly pounce on my innocent body; which gave me such an immense feeling of terror yet I knew, deep down I had to hand it to her, all this, started just from the chilling way she leered at me from across the room and now my conclusion was drawn by the fact that I now knew that no, it was not possible for her to be human because no human could harness such a strong feeling of utter revenge onto another in a way such as this; the only logical explanation being that she was in fact a monster out to get me so I would feel the emotions she had felt after I had pulled the seam that had held her emotional sanity together in one awful web of confusion, easily shattered by just the tiniest of pricks causing it to crumble into minute fragments that could easily pierce the flesh of human skin until all emotion except rage seeped out of the tiny pores onto the ground where they trickled away, dead to the owner (now for my real conclusion) and I was going to have a very short life starting now because of it.

The author's comments:
I believe callenging oneself is a way to prepare oneself for the unexpected. So I always make sure to attempt any challenge that comes my way, and I encourage other to do the same. So, I have written this piece in order to provoke others to do the same. I understand it is all one sentense, that is true and that is what I was trying to do. This one sentense is 442 words, I challenge any young writer to try to 'out-write" me. Attempt to write your story in one sentense and try to beat my 442 word record. Good luck.

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