One life

April 6, 2010
By , Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Penny sat on the stone cold platform waiting whilst everyone else passed by busy with their own daily lives. Well, maybe she would have the last laugh this time or so she liked to think. She glanced down at her watch, the one her mum had bought her for her birthday when she had asked for some money to buy new clothes, it had just gone half twelve and she wondered when these people would be gone but she couldn't stand waiting any longer. Running she climbed the stone steps to the bridge.

"Hey! You forgot your bag..." Yelled a boy. He had been watching her for some time. Penny didn't care and wasn't about to take it from him now that she had actually decided to go ahead with her plan. When she got to the bridge she sat down looking as if she was just resting so no one would bother to ask her what she was doing. She started to close her eyes and before she knew it was dreaming.

Two in the morning. She had been sleeping for that long! Well, at least everyone had gone. She breathed in the air around her for the last time before cautiously standing up careful not trip over her ragged shoe laces. Would putting her hands out and spreading out her arms make this any easier, as if she was flying?

"Not going to help, believe me!" The boy who was there before was sitting at the other side of the bridge. Penny could hardly make out his face or any of his features. She tried to ignore him after all he didn't look like he was going to call the police or worst her parents.

"Go away I can do this myself thank you!" She said to him. He got up and moved slowly towards her like she was going to bite him or something. He held out his hand for support. What a cliché! She had seen this in too many movies for sure and then the girl takes the pretty boys hand but slips and he saves her. So she thanks him and they kiss. Not going to happen! She wasn't her to be rescued or saved by some handsome guy!

"I said leave me alone, honestly you boys think you really are god's gift to women don't you?" The boy sighed and turned his head to look at her before walking away.

"Fine! Be like that cause' I don't care anyway!" He left, leaving Penny to mule things over. Maybe she could just find out who he is and then decide what to do but she didn't want to chase him. He'd be back all she had to do was wait. Penny noticed out of the corner of her eye that her bag was sitting where the boy had once been about five minutes ago. She rummaged in the contents of it and pulled out an old stained notebook which was supposed to be her diary.

They were fighting again; I think he chucked something at her. Nobody cares about anyone in this house! Selfish I know but least of all me. They'll make up and well...I’ll still be on my own surviving day in day out!

Penny couldn't help it she didn't want to cry but everytime she looked at this notebook she felt angry and unbelievably pathetic. This was it her mind was made up she had to do it or she never would. Her legs were shaking uncontrolably as she approached the edge of the bridge. Her hands shook and the tears wouldn't stop and then her foot went over the edge just as the rest of her joined it in the middle of the air.

"Oh!" The boy came back but it was to late Penny had left him and this world unless he...

She was falling and he ran as quikly as he could, Ha! He had to laugh for once being tall and lanky had a use. he grabbed her hand as well as the rest of he weight of her body. She was pulling urging him to let her go and he realised she wanted this more than life even though she was being offered a second chance. Penny managed to utter something he could only hear if he strained.

"Let me go...Please i'm free..." she cried and he let go of her hand and he to fell but only to the ground inches below his feet. How could he have just murdered her like that? Then he noticed the diary opened at the exact page she wanted him to see...

He's come for mummy oh god help...

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