Gabrielle Smith Chapter 1

April 11, 2010
By smartlady1997 SILVER, Corry, Pennsylvania
smartlady1997 SILVER, Corry, Pennsylvania
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We zoom in on a young girl of age 14, whom is walking alone in a park on a rainy day early July. Many people are out. Whether they are with that special someone or just out on the town with friends. No one should have to bear the burden of loneliness on any day.

She walks past couples of all ages. Teenagers newly in love, adults enjoying a day with their special someone, even elderly folk out on a stroll with their long-time loves. So why is she so lonely? Well that is the question she asks herself everyday, but can’t seem to come up with an answer. Her name… is Gabrielle Smith

Chapter 1
To understand this poor, tormented soul of a girl we must first understand her, her friends and the effect they have on her. Her friends consist of five main people: Ashlyn Goodwill, Kara James, Bella Johnson, Ally Winchester, and Leila Browne. They are her sisters, her friends, and her life. So if she thinks that highly of them, why aren’t they with her?
Before we talk about her friends let’s talk about Gabrielle, or Gabby as most people call her. Gabby has brown-red hair with hazel-green eyes. An amazing ability to act, write, and talk give her the perfect balance between good and bad. A wonderful, supportive home and family are the reason Gabby does the things she does. 5’ 3” is not short by any means but also is not tall by any means either. She is a very average girl.
She does have her secrets though. A broken heart, a tormented soul, and a quiet mind keep her from doing many things she thinks she should do. Her heart has been torn to pieces by the beasts of the world: men. Her soul crushed at the thought of the guys whom she adores because she knows they don’t feel the same way. Finally, a quiet and soft-spoken mind has come from saying things before she thinks of the consequences. This is the girl whom we will see the world through her eyes. This is Gabrielle Leeann Smith.
Ashlyn. Aw sweet Ashlyn. Ashlyn is slightly overweight like Gabby. She has reddish-purplish hair and is emo. Because she’s emo Gabrielle checks to make sure she’s not a cutter since she does have some emotional issues. Although she blames her emotional issues on her 16-year-old brother, Damion, she still cares about him. Although Gabby wouldn’t blame him for it, though he does pick on her a lot. Seeing how Gabby’s never found any marks she believes Ashlyn when she says she doesn’t cut, but is still concerned. At age 14 Ashlyn is a better artist than most adults. Having never had lessons this is a miracle.
The hate Gabby and Ashlyn felt towards each other in 2nd and 3rd grade was immeasurable. The reason for this is simple, in 2nd grade Gabby had to get glasses and Ashlyn made fun of her because of them for the next two years. In 4th grade though nobody, including herself, liked Ashlyn, Gabby couldn’t stand to see anyone lonely. She went over and tried to be her friend. They soon became good friends and Gabby really helps Ashlyn create more friends.
They really started hanging out in 5th grade; they became extremely close and soon were telling each other things they could never tell anyone else because they didn’t trust anyone else. So they were as close or even closer than sisters. It was wonderful!
Then we have Kara. Kara is again slightly overweight like Ashlyn and Gabrielle. She is 15 with an 18-year-old older sister Kelly. Kara is a wonderful listener. She gives great advice and is there if her friends need a shoulder to cry on, which, unfortunately, happens often. It’s such a tragedy when a pretty girl like her is still not comfortable in her own skin. She’s the perfect friend.
Kara and Gabby had met when Gabby was in 5th grade. With Ashlyn as such a close friend, Gabby was careful whom she picked as a friend. Although Kara and her were soon as close as her and Ashlyn, Gabby still clung more to Ashlyn.
With time Gabby soon was spending equal time with her friends. She was telling them both things she needed to say and with Kara around Gabby was a lot less stressed.
Next we come Bella. Bella is the typical athlete. She loves any sport but she is in love with softball and any sort of running. She has beautiful red hair and big brown eyes. She’s not extremely tall but she’s not short. She’s got an athletic build and is very strong. She’s a sweet girl who is very outgoing. She’s a good friend to most people but she doesn’t put up with being treated badly.

They met in 2nd grade. Gabby was new so Bella came over to be her friend. Gabby had just lost all of her other friends so it was nice to know Bella. They did the same thing any 2nd graders would do. They played tag, talked, and drew pictures together. In 3rd grade they started having sleepovers and were the best of friends. They would remain that way until 7th grade. That is when everything changed.

Now we have come to Ally. Ally is the typical blonde haired blue-eyed beauty. She almost always has guys chasing her. She is kind of short, about the same size as Bella. She is very skinny and I swear you could break her arm in a single snap. Her parents are divorced. She is also very high maintenance. She is a very difficult person to be friends with. Gabby found that out is 7th grade.
Ally came to Gabby’s hometown in 5th grade. Gabby knew how it felt to be the new kid. She went over and sat down next to Ally. They became best friends almost instantly. They soon were staying the night at each other houses. They also soon found out that their mothers had been best friends growing up. They became very close. Soon you never saw one without the other. But, that all changed.

Last of all we have Leila. Leila has jet-black hair, and loves to wear black. She is emo, but she is not a cutter. She is a very hardcore girl; if you mess with her crew you mess with her. She is a great person to have on your side during a fight but very bad if your fighting her. She stands up for what she thinks and she stands behind it. She’s strong, independent, and smart; a very good friend to have.
They met in 7th grade for the second time. They used to be very good friends in Kindergarten. But, when Gabby moved they didn’t keep in touch. After meeting again in 7th grade Leila keeps Gabby from going insane. She keeps her level headed and helps her learn to stand up for herself. She is a wonderful person with a strong, full heart.
Now that we understand her and whom she hangs with, lets fast forward to present day Gabby, age 14.

The author's comments:
This is the first part of my longer story. I really hope that people will be able to relate to Gabrielle.

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