Moving On

April 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Dr. Morgan was a man of high stature within the medical world. Having graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a MBA and a PhD, landing a job at none other than Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, marrying at the young age of twenty-five to a beautiful model from Moscow, and having one boy and one girl by the time he turned twenty-seven. His life was indeed considered far more than just good, it was simply picture perfect.
Dr. Morgan worked long hours and committed himself to his patients one hundred percent at the hospital, and with that strong sense of dedication, slips ups and mistaken diagnoses was unacceptable and severely frowned upon. Unfortunately, his long hours at work and dedication fogged his medical perception, and something horrible not only was about to affect him, but his family as well.
A 41 year old widow, Theresa Jackson, had filed a seven million dollar law suit against Dr. Morgan. Claiming not only had he aided with her husband, Samuel Jackson’s early death, but the hospital as well. Dr. Morgan couldn’t believe that this was really going on. His whole practice and life’s’ work was at stake, and all of it was becoming a harsh reality. This was something he never could have predicted.
He knew this whole situation was going to be taken to court, but he wasn’t aware of how long the process was going to be. He spent hours just waiting for the court case to enter Judge Mackin’s chambers. His attorney, Jacob Marley was one of the best in Los Angeles and he had reassured him numerous times that Mrs. Jackson had no real case against him. He had no choice but to have faith in Marley, because if he didn’t have faith, he was sure he would lose everything.
The process of waiting was starting to aggravate him. He couldn’t stand waiting and listening to either side bicker about what was done correctly and incorrectly during the time Mr. Jackson was admitted to the hospital. He knew he did the best he could for his patient. Why was the woman trying to ruin his life? Mrs. Jackson’s attorney stated her suit in such a monotone manner; he couldn’t even imagine anyone believing the allegations.
“Mrs. Jackson charges against Dr. Morgan with her husband, Samuel Jackson’s death on January 24, 2009, when he was admitted to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center last year after a chest x-ray showed he had an unhealthy lung tissue. Two days later, Mr. Morgan found that he had cancer and he removed his right lung. Dr. Morgan had stated to Mrs. Jackson that all the cancer had been removed from his lungs, and that he would not need further treatment for that area of the body. Mr. Jackson, after a few months away from the site of hospitals, had been readmitted to another hospital in the area and doctors there found out that he did indeed still have cancer cells within his body. The disease had spread throughout his lymphatic system. Mr. Jackson died within the next week”. It had been almost a year and a half since Mr. Jackson’s death. The attorney’s case had flaws. It was weak. Dr. Morgan could see that there was hope. He never once told Mrs. Jackson that the cancer was fully in remission. He had only stated that the cancer was gone from his lungs. This had to be enough to end the suit.
Mrs. Jackson sat next to her attorney, her husband’s picture placed in front of her on the stand. His picture went where ever she went now-a-days. She felt like it was the right thing to do at the time, so he knows that she is fighting for something so important. She looked over at Dr. Morgan; she could tell he was nervous. “Serves him right”, she thought. “He takes my husband’s life, now he better be ready to pay the price”. The court officer stood calmly next to the witness stand. She read his name tag in her head. “Officer Russ? No, No. Officer Reese”. She was sure he has had his share of court stories and probably just wanted to go home. In a way, she did too. The night seemed to drag on forever. The judge was planning on calling for a reschedule, when all of sudden his face turned very pale, and his eyes grew about two sizes wider. He dropped his gavel and immediately grabbed his chest. Dr. Morgan looked at the Officer Reese and shouted, “HE IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK! Quick, he needs medical attention! Let me...” Dr. Morgan was about to run towards the stand when his attorney grabbed his shoulder and told him he couldn’t. It could be linked to probable cause if he died under his care. It was best if someone else took care of the situation.
Dr. Morgan couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he turned and looked at Officer and told him to call over the on call nurse in the courthouse. Officer Reese immediately issued that Nurse Becca run to court room three. Both attorneys’ grabbed their clients and made their way towards to the courtroom hall, just outside the doors. Officer Reese and Judge Mackin were following close behind. As Ms. Becca rounded the corner with her medical kit to revive Judge Mackin, she managed to knock into Mrs. Jackson, who was carrying her husband’s picture close to her heart. It flew up into the air and shattered into a million pieces only a few feet away from Judge Mackin. Mrs. Jackson let out a horrifying scream.
She scrambled to pick up the broken pieces of glass, cutting the tips of her fingers and the palms of her hands, not caring about the pain, but simply wanting to put his picture back together again. Dr. Morgan saw her pain and quickly knelt down to aid her. He grabbed her hands and told her, “I am so very sorry for your loss Mrs. Jackson. Your husband was a wonderful man and his time to go was far too soon”. Mrs. Jackson looked up into Dr. Morgan eyes and realized something she had failed to see earlier. This was a man who truly cared for his patients, for people, and who was to say he could control who and when someone was destined to die. He had no control over death and disease. She understood that now. As he washed off her hands in the cold, cool fountain of the courtroom hall, and began to wrap her hands with bandages to stop the bleeding, amidst the chaos of Judge Mackin’s unexpected heart attack; Mrs. Jackson took the hands of Dr. Morgan and whispered caringly, “I think we need to put an end to the chaos, and just go back to our lives and start living again”. Dr. Morgan shook his head in agreement. It was time to move on.

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