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April 10, 2010
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There was a dog named Buddy who was owned by the most amiable and loving person in the entire world, Jason. Buddy loved Jason and every time Jason would come home from school, Buddy would run to the door with full speed. Jason always looked forward to coming home from school every day because it was the only time of the day when he actually was feeling buoyant. School was tough for Jason with all of the tests, quizzes, and homework that he would get, but when Buddy ran to the door, he forgot all about that. Buddy made his day and Jason made Buddy’s day too. They would be companions forever or at least it seemed that way for a while.

One day, Jason was coming home from school and Buddy came running to him as usual. Jason chuckled and Buddy seemed very cheerful today. Jason went over to the counter and found a letter there from his mother. It stated:

Dear Jason,

I know how much you love that puppy of yours, but now it’s time that you give him up. Your father and I have decided that we were going to move to Florida since the houses there are cheaper for us. This is going to be heartbreaking news to you and I’m very sorry that it has to end this way. All we have to do now is find an owner that you find suitable for taking care of your puppy and we will give him everything we have to care for the puppy. Again, I am sorry, but it has to be this way since he is going to a burden to us. I’ll see you when I get home. Love you.



Jason was heartbroken by this news and he just wanted to throw everything in the room, but he didn’t. He knew that this would be the very last days with Buddy and he needed it to be special. He asked Buddy if he wanted to take a walk so they decided that they would. Jason was also looking for an owner for his lovable companion, but there were none. He was thankful for that! After the walk, Buddy and Jason stayed home, waiting for Jason’s mother and father to come.

By the time Jason’s mother and father got home, Buddy was already sound asleep on Jason’s lap, but Jason was still up. The minute they walked through the door, Jason yelled saying, “Why do we have to move to Florida? Why can’t Buddy come? Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” His mother and father replied saying that they only thought about this earlier and that Buddy couldn’t come because he would be a burden. Jason was still angry, but his mother and father sent him to bed and they were looking for an owner for Buddy. They found two people that would be suitable for the job and they would meet with them tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and everyone, including Jason, got ready for the meeting with the two people that want to own Buddy. Jason didn’t want anyone to own Buddy and this would be an onerous task for him. The first person they met was a woman named, Mrs. Johnson, who loved animals and had a fun and loving environment for animals. She had all types of dog food and toys that they could play with. Everything about the home was cozy and Buddy would probably love it. Jason liked her, but he still didn’t want to give up Buddy so they went to the next person, Mr. Scott. Mr. Scott was a man that used his style and his fun-loving spirit to convince Jason about himself being a good owner. Jason fell for the trap and he absolutely loved Mr. Scott. It was difficult for Jason to admit this, but he would be giving up Buddy to a man named Mr. Scott.

The day came when Jason and his family would be leaving and Jason said his final good-byes to Buddy at the airport. Mr. Scott was there with Buddy wishing them a good plane ride and Jason said good-bye to his long time companion. He told Mr. Scott to tell him about Buddy once in a while and Mr. Scott agreed to it. Jason cried a little and Buddy gave a whimper when Jason boarded the airplane and left Buddy. Mr. Scott took Buddy home and Jason left the airport for Florida.

In Mr. Scott’s house, life was not safe for Buddy. Mr. Scott hit Buddy when he didn’t get the paper for him and he would kick him every time Buddy would go in his office. Buddy was getting depressed and wished that Jason would come back, come back to save him from this terrible man. Every day, it would be the same things over and over again, and there would be bruises on Buddy. No one ever saw these bruises except Mr. Scott. He would call Buddy a weak, pathetic mutt that was unless, but Mr. Scott would write letters saying that everything with Buddy was perfect and that they were having a jolly time. Jason was ecstatic when he heard the news and hoped that Buddy was really doing fine without him.

A week after Buddy had moved with Mr. Scott and Jason had left, a neighbor passed by when Mr. Scott wasn’t home. They saw Buddy in the window with bruises all around him and his droopy, depressed face. They immediately called 9-1-1 and looked for the owner of the puppy. The person couldn’t find the owner until Mr. Scott came home to the police waiting for him. He was arrested for abusing an animal and Buddy was sent to the veterinarian. The neighbor tried to contact Jason, but he didn’t remember the number. He asked for the police to give him the number and immediately called Jason. Jason answered the phone and was astonished at what he heard. He said that he would be down there in a few hours and to not move. Jason called his mother, his mother got off of work, and they rushed down to the veterinarian.

When they got to the veterinarian, Jason asked if his puppy would be okay and the veterinarian told him yes. Jason was so excited to hear the news, but he also wanted to punch Mr. Scott for abusing his companion, Buddy. Jason went into the room where Buddy was and hugged his puppy like he never did before. Buddy looked like he had a smile on his face and he speeded toward Jason like he always did. They were so happy again, but Jason wanted to know if he could take Buddy to Florida. His mother thought about it for a while, but she agreed to it. Jason and Buddy would finally be together again and nothing could ruin the moment.

Buddy, Jason, and Jason’s mother were boarding the plane to Florida, but his time, with Buddy and all of his belongings. At the airport, there was the neighbor who had called to save Buddy’s life. He wished them a good flight and they boarded the plane for Florida. While on the plane, Jason thought about all the wonderful things they would do when they got there. He thought of throwing a Frisbee or maybe playing catch, but one thing for sure was that he got his companion back and gave him a big hug. This time, they were going to be friends forever and now nothing was going to break that up form them ever again!

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CassieSherman14 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
May 1, 2010 at 3:17 pm
aww... That is such a sad story. Great job I really loved this story. I have a lab so I like dogs too. You should write more animal stories like this... in fact, you should write a sequal to this or something. Great job. Have you read the book Old Yeller? You should read it,it;s good but its sad too.
dxrider27 replied...
May 1, 2010 at 4:42 pm
No I haven't read Old Yeller. What's it about? I might write a sequel; that's a good idea
CassieSherman14 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. replied...
May 1, 2010 at 4:58 pm
Old Yeller is an old book about a golden retriever that lives on a farm with his owners and dies from a disease that makes animals crazy and makes them foam at the mouth... There's a lot more to it then that but there's also a movie about it too. I haven't seen the movie but my mom has and she says it's sad.
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