April 10, 2010
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It was just floating there. Like it was just hanging on a string. Somewhere in side me a heard the words “touch it”. I knew that this was the voice that had possessed me for so long. I had to get help.

“where are you” a voice called “you demon possessed kid”. Addilyne quickly sat up. “oh crap” she mumbled under her breath. She had slept in, and it was now 10:00. Dad was sure enough to whip me again, she thought. Addilyne climbed out of bed got on her clothes. Walked into her dads room and helped him get out of bed and dressed. Then she went to make him his breakfast. When he finally walked in he screamed “where is my food” then smacked her across the face. Her nose had started to bleed. She went up to wipe away the blood that was dripping from her nose, again her dad slapped her across the face. Blood had started to gush from her nose. It was running all over her lips. Addilyne licked them. Oh the taste of blood. The only punishment she kinda enjoyed. Oddly enough she liked the taste of blood.

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