darker than night

April 9, 2010
By Krymson BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
Krymson BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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"Kat, 'you sure that all we have to do is salt and burn the bones? 'no extra materials we have to worrie about?" i wanted to be extra sure this son of a b**** died especialy since our last encounter with this spirit black smith that haunts the small town of "hell", Michigan with a small population the black smith keeps popping up every 20 years and well he's back to haunt and kill all the people who inhabbit this little town because about a hundred or more years ago the village attacked and murdered the black smith for no aparent reason ,well known that we can find out about anyway but we're sure theres a reason.

"Not that i know of all this town knows about him are the legends and where he's burried. so Krymson just calm down we'll be fine" Kat informed me since she was the only one going around talking to the people since i was to busy looking through the library for more historical facts of 'William Lowell' the ghost and murder of this god forsaken town.

when we got in the car after talking, i started the engine and drove straight to the cemetery the only one here. we got out of the car running straight for where the grave is and started digging imidiately we needed to get this done as fast as possible. we were already thrown around once by this ghost we didn't want it to happen again.

"s***! i'm kinda hoping the ghost comes i mean i feel like fighting this guy one more time." she said still digging as fast as she could.

"yeah i know what you mean but i have to say this one is strong but i still think we could take him." i joked trying to llighten the mood.

"yeah...." she laughed but was cut off quickly by the sound of scrapping metal which in this town ment one thing, someone was going to die. We stopped digging and reached for our salt filled guns before i could get to my gun i was thrown back first into a tombstone along with Kat .There was a sharp pain in my back and i knew i was probably going to have a bruise or maybe even a fracture of one of my ribs.but i jumped up and went straight for my gun and shot the b****** in the face making him disapear which would hopefully hold him long enough for me to dig up the grave. i ran straight for the grave with Kat up and running beside me we both grabbed somne shovels and started digging, thats when i realized out of the corner of my eye i saw that Kat's arm was gushing with blood.

"i hit something." she called out and started digging faster until we fit the casket. i jumped out of the dirt filled grave and grabbed all the supplys we needed to get this over with.

"hurry." i ran back to the grave as Kat got out and started pouring the salt liquid all over the bones and then i took out my flip lighter and lit it sending it down in the casket to dispose of the human remains. i turned to Kat standing next to me a lightly pushed her.

"what was that for?" she asked rubbing her arm where i pushed ,playing around.

"you jinxed us, you wanted the fight that bad." i laughed as we walked back to the car so we could sleep at our rental motel for as long as we could until we had to leave in the morning for another tone with possible more problems of there own.

"you can't say you didn't want to fight him either." she laughed back as we got into the car and started driving toward our motel room.

"you know your going to need stiches for that arm." i told her examing while she drove back.

"well your the doctor, you can stich it up. you've done it before." i'm not a doctor i just went to medical school for a few years till i decided to go back to hunting but she always calls me that.

"fine." i sighed.we pulled into the drive way of the small motel and parked getting lazily out of the car i couldn't wait to just pass out and not wake up for hours with no gjost or spirits to bother me or anyone else for that matter.

Kat went to the trunk and grabbed our bag so we could pack everything in it and so i could clean the guns for the most part. she tossed me the keys to the car and she got out the keys to the motel room and then opened the door. before i could even walk in Kat just stopped in the door way and dropped the bags in her hand involintarily it looked like and stood there with this look of shock on her face. i pushed around her to see what was so shocking and was astounded by who i saw standing right in the middle of the room just starring back at us.

"John!" Kat screamed running from her current shocked position and jumping into John's arms in a warm hug. 'great' i thought to myself walking the rest of the way in the door ad taking a sit on one of the double beds in the little room.
"Hey, kids." John said to us acting like we used to before the big fight i had with him and Dean. John just stood there looking at me like he expected me to hug him the same as Kat but that clearly wasn't going to happen, not because i didn't love him because i do.He is like a father to me , John had raised me since i was thirteen. Before my father died John had promised him that if anything was to happen to my father that he would take me in like a daughter.
"How did you find us anyway?" i questioned breaking out of my previous houghts and wondering as to why he is even here,unless he wants our help.
"I'm John Winchester remember?, i can find anyone and anything." he told me cockily his personality always reminded me of his son Dean.
"why are you here?" i needed to know for some reason hoping to here him say he was just here to see us and ketch up but i knew that would never be the case.
"i need your help."
"Of course." i stated simply.
"now, don't take that tone of voice with me young lady. And what do you mean by 'of course'?" John did that thing he always does, acts like a military sargent.
"You know exactly what i mean. You only ever come around when you need something. Do you even realized the last time i saw you we had a huge fight over the stupidist things." i snapped as i watched Kat sit down on the opposite bed because she also knew that this wasn't going to be good. i was inferated , i mean the last time i saw him we fought about me being a hunter he told me it was a stupid idea and that i was better off leaving than staying with them because he wasnt going to let me hunt under his roof, so i packed up and told them i was leaving for medical schoo. That was when me and Dean got in a fight because apparently he didn't want me to leave or hunt.
"and obiviously you didn't even listen to anything i told you that night." he was wrong.
"no, i listened to everything you said. You told me that i might as well just leave because you wouldn't let me hunt while i was under your roof. so i left." i started yelling a little at him trying to emphasize what i was telling him.
"You told us you were going to medical school. You lied." he accused pointing his index finger directley at me.
"you have know idea what your talking about John Winchester, i went to medical school when i told you i was , i'll admit i did a few hunts on the sides. soon i realized that none of that was for me that i am ment to be a hunter." i spilled my heart out to him lowering my voice alittle because i honestly hated fighting with him he truly is like a father to me he raised and taught me everything he knows.
"Krymson." he said my name getting my attention a little more as he walked over and wrapped his arms around me gripping me in a big heart warming fatherly bear hug.
"so what did you need our help with any way?" i asked pulling away from the hug to get his answer.' i always thought it was odd how people could fight like we did and then get over it so quickly' i thought to myself.
"It's about Sam and Dean........"

The author's comments:
i hope everyone likes and i will add the rest as soon as i know people enjoy reading it in each chapter it will get better

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