All But Forgotten.

April 9, 2010
By Anonymous

"Hey, Chloe, wake up." I heard a whisper in my ear and felt someone shaking me softly.
It was Jackson, but why was he here? This had been my dream for the longest time, but it was supposed to make sense. I wasn't supposed to be lying on his couch confused and wondering what happened.
"Do you remember anything that happened last night?" I could see the worry in his eyes, and visible on his face. He acted as if he was embarrased. But why?
Suddenly the memories came flooding back to me.

The three of us walked into the club. I was nervous but this was the right thing to do. We took the shots that they handed us at the door.
You would have to be drunk to act any part you were given. They hand us our picture cards when we get to the bar. They don’t bother checking our age because they don’t care. All they want to do is provide us with the chance to be someone else. To play a part we have never played before. To step out of our comfort zones and into someone else’s. and this is why we are here.

As soon as we enter the main area we are told not to talk. The only noise in the big room is the rattles of glasses and soft footsteps on the dance floor. Immediately we are taken to different lines. Jackson to one and me and Isabella to another. We are handed picture cards; our new identity. From there we are sent to follow the instructions on our card with no more means of communication then a quick glance of another’s card. I am to find a guy named Nathan who is supposed to be my long lost lover. I have a best friend Rachel who is a model and knows the guy. She is to lead me right to him.

I set off on my mission, wearing the clothes that were given to me at the front desk. They hardly covered my underwear.

There are people all over and any one of them could be the one that I am looking for. Finally after many moments of just standing there, someone taps my shoulder.
She shows me her card and motions for me to come with her. On the way I notice Isabella taking photographs. She has a booth set up and her name is Natasha. I see Jackson in the distance and he smiles as our eyes meet. Something stirs in the pit of my stomach.

We keep getting closer to where he is standing, until Rachel grabs his card and shows me. She turns to leave and as she does Jackson leans down to whisper in my ear.

“You’re Ali?” he says it with a smile in his voice, and I nod my head. “Alright then, pretend we are strangers, pretend we haven’t met before. Just go with it, and don’t let it be awkward.”

And before I could say a word, his lips were moving against mine, soft at first, then passion leaked through. He was really good at this. Our bodies pushed together. His hand wandered until it reached places that I never imagined he would touch. The sensation was too great for words. My leg moved up and he held it against his waist. His lips touched every place that was left revealed in my skimpy outfit, but his hands reached everywhere else. The blood had shot to my face long before then but he wasn’t looking at that. I wished that it would last forever but all moments no matter how magical have to end.

“No,” I said in a whisper as I watched relief feel his face. I felt as if something was breaking inside, but I couldn’t let it touch my face. I wasn't ashamed, in fact it was the best night of my life, but he apperently felt otherwise. I couldn’t look at him anymore. “No” I said once more. “I don’t remember a thing.”

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