Melted Wings

April 4, 2010
By Milkdudzrawk54 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Milkdudzrawk54 BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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What I had buried was myself and it was I who had buried me.

They were the perfect couple in the beginning. So deep in love they moved in together in the first couple months. They did well, he worked while she stayed home and took care of the house. When he came home they would talk, have dinner together, snuggle, and maybe a bit more before falling asleep entangled in each other’s arms. But what happened? He started working overtime, frequently came home stressed or angry. His lover, ever so patient stayed with him and helped him throughout, but it just wasn't enough. Soon, he began to lay his hands on her without consent and gentle touches turned sources of pain. Tears of laughter turned to tears of sadness and her heart was continuously shattered.
She cried out as her back came in contact with the wall. Her arms were next as they were pinned by strong hands on either side of her head. Words of pain fell from swollen lips and yelps were voiced as bite marks appeared on initially flawless skin. She didn't want this. She begged for him to stop but only received a slap in the face. The second time she tried was the birth of a bruise on her stomach. Third times a charm and she paused, even if only for a second. The following moments were filled with pain not only in her heart, but also throughout her body. Pain took over. It was everywhere. Ribbons the color of scarlet flew through the air and glittering pieces of her heart shimmered in the moonlight, the only source of illumination .
She looked away. Being put at the mercy of him, she didn't have the courage to face him anymore. Apologies were useless. She was abused in every way. Everyday when he came home from work was Hell. Everyday was a new wound, a new bruise, a new mark on her being. She knew she shouldn't stay with him but she just couldn't leave. She hated to admit it, but deep down that she knew that she still held some feelings for the man.
She was running. Running away. From her supposed lover. Tears were uncontrolled, rapidly flowing down her cheeks like a river. Mixed in with the downpour from the clouds above, the only evidence of her heartache were her red eyes and complete silence. Silky black hair clung to the sides of her face like a kiss she only wished were his lips. Losing her footing, she plunged headfirst into a puddle. For a minute she just laid there, inhaling the cold moist air. After a couple strange stares from passer-bys and several violent coughs, she got to her feet and continued to run. She just wanted it all to end.
She stood by the bathtub holding a bottle of lavender-scented bath bubbles in her right hand. See was trembling violently and tears dripped down her face.

[Even after all this time, why weren't we able go back?
It's so hard to breathe.
All our wonderful memories.
They flew too close to the sun and their wings melted.
I'm sorry I'm not good enough for you.
I’m so sorry.
Please, save me.
I’m so scared.]
He called out desperately for her to open the bathroom door. She’d been inside for the past couple hours and now he had started to get worried. He banged on the door a couple more times before losing his temper after which he just kicked it down. The door swung open and in a second all of his anger escalated.

Inside the tub, laid his lover with her eyes closed. It was tinted purple with the bath bubbles, a complete contrast to her face belonging to a creamy peach shade. Heavy breathing. Clenched fists. Anger seemed to swirl above his head as he stormed toward the motionless girl. His hand, already raised, began it descent towards her face. A slap so powerful, it slammed her head into the side of the bathtub. But she gave no response.

[No. No. No.
This isn’t happening.]

Confused by the lack of emotion, he kneeled by her side. He checked for a pulse praying the whole time to find one. He almost relaxed when he felt the faint beat. Barely pulsing, but it was still there. She was still alive. He still had time.
He whipped out his phone quickly dialing the emergency line, pleading the whole time for her to open her eyes. He was sorry. God, he was so sorry. He never wanted it to end like this.

He was at her bedside. He was such a fool. All this time she had been hurting and he didn’t even give a damn. It wasn’t like he didn’t know. He was the cause after all. As thinking about the situation proved too much for the man to handle, he broke down crying. He leaned over her, slowly pressing their lips together, his tears making a lonely puddle on the pillow. He sat back down again and took her hand in his own, slowly taking his time to kiss each fingertip, giving each special attention. His lips parted and a whisper of his deepest honesty revealed itself.

“I’m so sorry.”

The monitor attached to her sounded and he kept his eyes trained on his ex-lover’s face, silent tears creeping down his own. His head shook left and right, refusing to believe.

[Goodbye, my love.]

The author's comments:
It's about a girl who was abused by her fiance

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