March 25, 2010
By Dio Russi BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
Dio Russi BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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The Omniring

The internet is truly mans only omnipotent invention the world has ever come to know. You and many others have been designing new and various devices in the attempt to make the internet accessible at any time. All fantastic and revered by many I’m sure, but not quite perfect. An amazing new idea I would like to introduce you to is the Omniring, the first indisputably mobile internet holder the cosmos has ever come to know!

Undoubtedly you are questioning this strange and unheard of device I just proclaimed. Well let me answer that by saying the Omniring is a perfect device that provides the internet with the true ability of being omnipresent. The Omniring is a ring that that fit’s upon the “ring” finger. The device then produces a holographic screen that is an unveiling of the internet on you’re very hand! Obviously this will affect the size of the screen depending on the user’s hand structure, but the adjustably holographic screen can fit to virtually any human hand size. With this device you may also open more then one single tab, simply by separating one, two, or three fingers. Then on that separated part of the hand a new screen and tab will form giving you access to even more web pages while already on the go.

This amazing device will also help people exponentially in both safety and working. Just imagine, running and rushing to an appointment you realize you forgot to research one key fact. This is the time when the frantic person unveils the Omniring, allowing him/her to research an endless array of details that will assist in the meeting or appointment this person may have. This ring can also improve the lives of our own students and future citizens. By this I mean if the student or pupil has shirked the responsibility of studying at home and is now in for a sure failure of a class or test, the Omniring will provide this student the opportunity to be prepared for any unrelenting academics ensuring them to a bright future being another supporter or leader of our nation’s glory. This ring may also act as a life saver at some point aswell, such as when behind the wheel of a car, you may drive with one hand while researching wonderful parenting on the prevalent web.

Undoubtedly you are impressed by the Omniring, but I can tell you are not quite convinced yet. Allow me to proceed by announcing how this new and revered idea may also advance and improve society life. By allowing the internet to become truly mobile society and it’s people will move much faster and placid. Many artist are troubled by the fact that they cannot produce ideas at the moment, the Omniring will allow anyone at any time to mark down and make public their ideas. Finally this product will help any paraplegic victims. What I mean is this device will allow anyone that is incapable in doing so, move much less in order to sustain their injuries or disabilities they may sadly be suffering from.

As you can see I stand firm that this new idea will be one of the world’s greatest break throughs. The Omniring structure is fit so that virtually anyone can use it which proves how many people will be capable of operating with it. Not only that, but the Omniring will also prove useful in the further teachings of students these days and allow anyone with disabilities to use it with complete comfort and ease knowing not too much strain will be needed from their body in it’s physical condition. I believe this to be a wonderful idea and should be incorporated around the globe for all to use and prosper from it’s portability.

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jessi GOLD said...
on Apr. 15 2010 at 1:43 pm
jessi GOLD, Nunya, Florida
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this was pretty good. the part about paraplegics was confusing though.

AJN256 said...
on Apr. 14 2010 at 12:45 am

The device sounds great.

P.S: Check out the "Omnitool" from Mass Effect games!

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