Us Against The World

April 2, 2010
By oreally SILVER, Point-Clair, Other
oreally SILVER, Point-Clair, Other
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'No One Can Love You If You Dont Love Your Self '
“Inside the heart of each and every one of us there is a longing to be understood by someone who really cares. When a person is understood, he or she can put up with almost anything in the world.”

The sun shined brightly as the birds chirped in the early morning sky. Not a cloud in sight as I ran. My feet hitting the pavement until I finally reached my destination home . Cynthia was lying in a lawn chair with he I-pod turned on. I smiled to my self thinking how I would have done the same thing.

“hey how was the run?”,Cynthia questioned

“Great ! I did a lot of thinking”,I replied walking into the house I knew my mom was drunk. Beer bottles lined the coffee table while she lay there passed out on the couch. Silently Cynthia cleared the coffee table while I covered my mom with a blanket. After all was taken care of we retreated silently to our room.

“I can't believe my mother's drunk its eleven thirty in the morning!”, I growled.

“Let's not think about her right now”, Cynthia suggested

“ Well then what you thinking about ?”, I asked still to mad to think.

“I was thinking shower,food then the pool. What do you think?” Cynthia asked lazily lounging on our bed.

“ I think you just read my mined !” , I laughed falling on the bed beside her, looking around our room. Our room was on the smaller side with an old antique dresser on the right wall and small white desk on the left. There was only one bed placed directly below the window because, I liked to see the stars at night. Our bed was covered with Cynthia's dark green comforter . My eye's Traced over the blank white walls finding the wall , Cynthia and I covered with poem's and quotes both our own and random ones we liked. One Poem on our wall of writing stood out the most. It was a poem Cynthia had written for me when she first moved in . She'd titled the poem “Sisters” .

“hey kiddo, I'm done the showers all yours.”Cynthia said coming in the room.

“Thanks !” I replied already in the bathroom turning on the shower I stepped in waiting for the icy water to change to warm and relax my tense muscles. When the heat from the water finally came I let it relax my muscles
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and take with it the anger I felt earlier for my mom's being drunk. Instead I let my mined wander, to the first day I'd really gotten close to Cynthia.






“Your such a moron! I can't believe you thought I wouldn't find out, you were kissing her. How dumb do you think I am!?”, I shouted angrily in to the receiver of my cell phone.

“Abby hunny, calm down .Who told you?” my current boy friend Mathew had asked guiltily.

“Calm down you can't even dine it ! Don't you Abby hunny me either ! You know what Mathew just forget it ! Forget us.”I shot back infuriated, hanging up before he could

respond. I didn't want to hear what he had to say . After venting to my mom for a good hour she drove me to Cynthia's. That was just before the accident.

“Mom , what is this going to help! I don't really know her and I'm sure Cynthia and her mom don't wanna see me like this !”I had protested, pointlessly from the front seat of the car.

“Yes honey she dose ! She suggested it. Plus she is going through some problems of her own right now and I think you two could really learn from one another and become great friends someday”My mother countered, not knowing exactly how right her word were as she pulled in the drive.

“Abby, I know this is difficult for you to open up .After all when you and Cynthia were younger you two were like sisters. I know you don't remember because , you had been young when we moved but were home now . The Covery's are still like family after all I am Cynthia's God parent.” My mom encouraged.

“Fine !” I agreed giving in.

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Cynthia's houses was beautiful and had a balcony. I sighed stepping in the door. My first moments with Cynthia were silent ones but a comfortable silence. Cynthia broke the silence first.

“Rolo Ice Cream on the balcony?” She asked.

“Sounds amazing! How did you know ?” I questioned.

“That's what makes me feel better too, plus it's warm out tonight so we can sleep out there if you want.”She explained , smiling. That night Cynthia and I talked for hours over Rolo ice cream .We learned a lot about each other that night. Some times when one of us couldn't speak we would just sit there in precious silence with nothing but the sound of music ringing in our ears. I remember the moon that night. A harvest moon. It was absolutely breath taking even as I drifted to sleep on the chair we'd made in to a bed.The sun and the birds woke us under a cloudless sky and I knew then Cynthia was the sister I'd never had .I knew she understood.

“Abby!”My mothers, drunken scream brought me back to the present sending shivers of fears and disgust down my spine .
“Give me a minute !” I Shouted back in reply. Turning off the water I jumped out of the shower. Wrapped in towels I darted in to the room cursing under my breath. Cynthia threw my clothes at me.

“Abigail !Where are you ?,My mother demanded, loudly.

“Right here mom, I was in the shower” I explained, softly pulling my top down over my head. My nose wrinkled automaticly at the smell of stale beer coming out of her pores.

“Good ! Bring me another beer before you and Cynthia leave.” She demanded. I wanted to tell her to shove it. Something in her face told me to leave it . Another day I thought.






“Finally were out of the house and it's only one thirty !” I exclaimed in relief.

“Yeah Cynthia.” agreed,but the look in her eyes was pain and fear. I knew why. After Cynthia's mom had died in a car crash last year because she'd been drunk. Cynthia had flash backs of that night when she saw my mom drunk. Cynthia had been in the car that night. Her mom had dropped he off just before the accident . Not an hour after she had been doped off did we get the phone call Stating her mom had been in an accident. Cynthia's mom had left it in her will that my mom was to gain custody of Cynthia. That's how Cynthia had come to live with us . Now every time my mom got drunk it brought, Cynthia's mined back to the memory's of that day.

“Cynthia it will be okay. In a couple of days you'll be eight teen. I'll be six teen not long after that and then we can move. Just one more year, and we can get our own place!” I said in attempt to comfort her , hoping the fear in my eyes would not show threw.

“I know Abby im just worried about you is all.”She confessed, reluctantly.

“I'm not three anymore Cy I'm fifteen going on sixteen. I'm a big girl and,can take care of my self!” I exclaimed, in protest .

“That's exactly it ! Abby your fifteen you should not have, to see your drunk every day!” She argued back.

“Cy your seventeen! Your not my mother and you can't Protect me from the world ! Certainly not my mother being a drunk. I've already seen.” I Finished with a sigh , When she looked at me with teary eyes.”

“I hate that she dose this to you when she drinks. I know how much it hurts you.” I muttered, Protectively wiping the tears from her eyes. We continued walking in silence.





We were almost at the pool which wasn't far from our house. When I caught our reflection in the sliding glass doors of a vacant house. Stopping abrubtly,Cynthia ran right into me. Quietly she took my hand in a comforting
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way. She opened her mouth to speak but, I just raised my hand and pointed at the two girls in the glass reflection. Two girls stood there side by side. One girl slightly older, slightly taller than the other. The closeness of the girls was obviously closer than friends. The way the taller slightly older girl stood protectively beside the other showed the protection of an older sister,The taller girl had long chestnut brown hair, held up at the top over her head in a lose bun. She wore white denim shorts showing off her long and beautifully tan legs. Her green V-neck bringing out the green in her hazel eyes. The expression on her face hid most of the distress and pain she felt but, her eyes gave he away. Bloodshot from sleepless nights and countless tears. Distress not even her beautiful smile could hide. Cynthia .

The younger shorter slightly younger girl stood beside her. Long medium brown hair with sun streaked copper highlights accented her tan. The light blue top showed the light blue ties of her bikini,while her denim shorts showed off her tan legs. Nicely toned from running. Blue and white flip flops protected the soles of her feet. She wore a blank expression on her face. Her light pink lips pressed together in seemingly calm thought. The young girls eyes showed who she was to any one willing to look. In the depths of her forest green eyes you could see her sense of of emotion. Courage ,love,fear, distress , adventure ,worry and passion all showed there in her eyes. She looked scared and tired but remained beautiful. It took me a few seconds to realize this girl beside Cynthia was me. I never thought I could look beautiful next to Cynthia.Two girls side by side hand in hand both beautiful and original. The same but different. They showed beauty and grace even in distress. It hit me then for the first time I felt equal to Cynthia. She was no greater than I was. The true beauty in both of us even at our worst was in our souls. I looked at Cynthia and knew she felt the same. She squeezed my hand and smiled. Though I still envied her height I felt her equal now .

“Us against the world.” Cynthia promised.

We finished our walk to the pool and spent the remainder of our afternoon there. Despite our knowledge of my mothers drunkenness the day was relaxing.

“Did you see that guy ? The on in the blue shorts ?”Cynthia Questioned Smiling

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“Yeah , he was smoking hot.”I agreed laughing

“Wonder if he has a brother ?”She joked walking up the stairs to our tiny yard and unlocking the gate . I followed behind her stopping dead in my tracks.

“Abby ?”She whispered.

“Somethings wrong, I don't know what but somethings wrong !” I said. Motioning for her to look in the corner of the yard where the world was cracked.

“Mom !?” I shouted shakily walking though the door to our little house. Suddenly I felt the air of something fly between Cynthia and I. I knew it was a beer bottle when the smell of stale yeast filled my nose and I felt the sting of the glass cut in to my legs. I instantly felt a hot rush of anger wash over me. How could she do this ! I thought infuriated ,quickly glancing over at Cynthia to see if she was okay, when another bottle sailed through the air smashing into the wall. Now Cynthia's eyes were flaming her anger only enhancing mine.

“Have you lost your mined! What the hell do you think your doing?” I said finaly looking up to face my mother. She stood there swaying because she couldn't keep her balance. She was drunk.

“Where's my beer !” She shouted back at me .

“How should I know ?” I yelled, back at her.

“I want my beer !” She shouted garbing the collar of my shirt .I motioned to cynthia to go.

“so this is what you've become!” I laughed angrily “Willing to hit your only chilled. For what ? Alcohol”. I shouted . I was mad and the acid in my voice was showing threw . I'd finally had enough. I knew if I pushed my mom to far it wouldn't end well . This wasn't my mother though this was the drunk in her, I was dealing with. I knew I was crossing a sketchy line but I continued forward in a blinding rage. Taking a step forward

“ You are unbelievable ! You know what Cynthia has been through. You
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know what your drinking dose to her ,but that doesn't stop you. Thanks to you I never had the chance to be a kid! I've always had to take care of you . I shouted. Outraged all the years of anger build up coming out

“You pushed every one away. All of of our family. You know what you lost me to !” I said coldly. My mom's hand flexed and I knew I had crossed the line pushing her over the edge. Ducking I just missed her punch .Out of no where a cop had my mom on the ground in hand cuffs. Another holding my shoulders. I listened to my moms protest in shock. Where had the cops come from? Cynthia ! Where was Cynthia ? Was she okay ? I kept thinking.

“ Cynthia !” I shouted, scared that she had been hurt.

“She's fine , she was the one that called. She's just worried about you.” Said The strong voice of the cop behind me.

“I want to see her.” I demanded.

“You'll have to wait a few minutes.”The Officer replied

“No ! I want to see her I want to see my sister.” I said my voice demanding and coated with worry.

Finally thing calmed down. Cynthia and I were treated for the cuts on our legs from the beer bottles my mom had thrown. We were kept under close surveillance until the paramedics were sure we weren't in shock. After the officer took my mom away in the back of the cruiser , They came back to talk to us.

“Do you have family you can go to ?” The female officer asked.

“No,mam but I will be eight teen in a couple of days and if it's allowed by the courts
I'd like to gain guardian ship of Abby.”Cynthia explained squeezing my hand. When the cops finally left Cynthia and I went straight to bed leaving clean up for tomorrow. I slept seamlessly.

“Abby ,wake up it like twelve!”Cynthia Exclaimed shaking me from slumber.

“Ugh my leg is killing me!” I groaned Sitting up.
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“Abby do you remember what happened last night ,with your mom ?” Cynthia asked warily .

“Yeah ,it's all coming back,” I said heading for the stairs.

“This place is a mess ! “ I groaned.

“We'll get it cleaned.”She encouraged

“Yeah, hey Cy? Did you really offer to adopt me last night ?” I asked unsure if I remembered correctly.

“Of course!” She sounded shocked by the question.”I mean Abby your like my sister and it's us against the world!” She said.

“Us against the world.” I Repeated solemnly

Years Passed I Got married and so did she, But it would Always be Us against the world.

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This is sort of a personal pice

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