April 1, 2010
By Josh Bootz GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Josh Bootz GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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It’s a Friday. But not just any Friday, it’s the day before the state championship game. Go to bed early, sleep in. Sounds easy. But going to bed early with the thought in your head that tomorrow could be your last soccer game; and it’s the state championship. I have never had so many thoughts go through my head. It’s like trying to sleep with a train outside your bedroom. Finally going to bed, but having the most restless sleep. Parts of the game going over and over, and over, in your head. Sometimes being the hero, sometimes being the one who costs the game.
It’s finally the morning. I can smell the pancakes my mom is making. Sitting at the counter talking to my dad about the game. Talking about what I have to do to succeed. My dad giving me pointers, and my mom wishing me good luck. Taking a much needed relaxing shower, I visualize the game. I put on my warm ups, almost ready to go. Take a last look through my bag making sure I have everything. I walk out the door with mom and dad wishing me luck once again.
I’m the first one in the locker room. As the team arrives you can feel the tension. We go over our normal pregame and it’s onto the bus.
It is silent on the bus. All you can hear is the humming of the engine and people tapping their feet nervously. Once there we all get off ready to go. We go through the pregame warm-ups as though we are already in the game. The music is blasting getting players pumped up.
My coach pulls me over one last time telling me to relax and contain. We get into the huddle. My coach says this is all we have worked for; now let’s play the soccer we know how to play. One, two, three, TEAM. I step onto the field the whistle blows and I am ready

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