chapter 2 of Shiloh

April 1, 2010
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Well they got into there car and went to a store and got Shiloh flowers and a small box of chocolate. They went to Shiloh’s house and Lynn answered the door and saw Justin. Justin walks to Shiloh’s room and when she saw his face, she instantly had a smile. He handed her the flowers and the box of chocolate and he introduced his mom. Lynn asked if they wanted to stay for dinner, but they couldn’t they had to go meet Justin’s dad at his office because his truck broke down last night.
When it was about time to leave Justin walks over to Shiloh and whispers in her ear,
“Do you want to go out?”
“I would love to.”
When they walked out, he glanced at her and smiled and walked out.

On there way to there dads work, Justin he called his dad telling him that they were on there way to pick him up for dinner.
They got to his work and Justin started to go off on his dad.
“Why did you hit Shiloh?!?”
“I didn’t know I hit anyone. It was an accident.”
“Why did you go drinking? When you know clearly you are on probation!”
“I’m sorry! Was she like your girlfriend or something?”
“No! I really like her and I wanted to ask her out, but you ran her over putting her in a cast!”
“We will talk about this later son!”
“No dad, we are going to talk about this now. You ran over my girlfriend! Thanks dad just thanks. Couldn’t you stop thinking of your self and actually pay attention to your family! This is why our family is not as close as it used to be! This is also why I HATE YOU!!!”
His dad just looked at Justin with total shock. He was never been talked to before like the way he talked to him.

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Fallen_Cries said...
Apr. 12, 2010 at 2:19 pm
Yes they are Short chapters but might be a long book...
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