My Spoonful of Sugar

April 1, 2010
By Livvy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Livvy SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It’s the place I’ve heard about. Girls talk about it, but never seem to go. Guys brag about the girls they pick up there. I have yet to see these pretty ladies. It’s a mystery to every suburban high school student. It sits on a lonely, abandoned street. But according to my GPS it’s 126 E Mineral. Club Sugar has no signs; its existence is only known by the rumors. A dance club for minors. No alcohol, but all the Red Bull a teenager could wish for.

Kaitlyn gets out of the car that her mom doesn’t know she took. “Do you have any lip gloss?” She smoothes out her outfit that hugs every curve…and then some. I push the car door shut with my hip and grab my purse. Just be confident. Kaitlin takes my lip gloss and slathers it on until her lips until it looks like a science project. Let’s go.
As I begin to strut to the entrance, a man grabs my shoulder gently. I turn around and see a bible in my face. “Don’t go in there! God is not found in a club! If you die tonight, you will go to Hell!” I looked at him strangely and walked away. “What was that?” Kaitlyn asked.
We show our IDs to the security guard that could have been a former WWF wrestler. “Allllriiight ladddies. Haaaave fuuuun.” He said with a drawl. The man winked and opened the door. Music blared. If I died that night, I was sure to go to Hell.

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