Trapped in an Elevator

April 1, 2010
By Jessica Jensen SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
Jessica Jensen SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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The highly polished elevator doors opened on the first floor as Buddy the Elf skipped in. He was just over six feet tall wearing a tightly-fitting green elf suit, yellow tights, black shoes, and a small green pointed hat. He giggled as he turned to the buttons and slid his hands down, pressing all the buttons.

“Looks like a Christmas tree!” Buddy said as his face exploded with utter excitement.

Standing in the back of the elevator with faces of fear were Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town and Samuel L. Jackson. Ash Ketchum was standing in the elevator proudly awaiting his chance to be a Pokemon Master, innocently perched on his shoulder was Pikachu, his first Pokemon.

Samuel L. Jackson stood with a cool demeanor, wearing jeans, a slicked black leather jacket and a plain black t-shirt.
“We are going to be here forever,” said Samuel L. Jackson.
“I don’t know if it’s worth the wait,” said Ash.
“Pika Pika… Pika Pika,” said Pikachu as he rolled his eyes and got prepared to sit for a while.
“Hi, I’m Buddy, Buddy the Elf, What’s your favorite color?” said Buddy.
“Red, why are you still smiling?” said Samuel L. Jackson.
“I like smiling, smilings my favorite!” said Buddy as he pointed to the large grin on his face, then continued to give a thumbs-up.
THUD! A thunderous sound came from the top of the elevator, as it stopped in between the fourth and fifth floors. Ash, Buddy and Samuel L. Jackson all looked at each other in a slight panic.
“Now look what you’ve done!” said Ash.
“PIKA PIKA.. PIKACHU!” said Pikachu on the verge of electrocuting the whole elevator.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to disappoint you,” Buddy said as the constant smile on his face fell to a pathetic frown.
THUDD! It was the same sound, louder, but the elevator continued to stay completely still. The lights flickered, and the buttons went blank. One of the ceiling tiles slid open. Samuel looked up and said,”Is that the way out?”
Suddenly a cloth bag dropped down through the hole in the ceiling. When it hit the ground hundreds of snakes came pouring out. All three guys screamed in terror at the infinite death approaching.
Ash cringed at the rapidly approaching snakes as he said “Pikachu, Thunderbolt!”
“PIKACHUUUUU!” Pikachu said as he leapt off of Ash’s shoulder, landed in the middle of the cloth bag and let out sporadic lightning bolts, unfortunately hitting only 13 snakes, Ash, and Buddy.
Frustrated and determined to get out Samuel L. Jackson said, “I’m tired of these snakes in this elevator!”
Buddy, seemingly somewhat awake giggled as he said “This tickles.”
Just as they seemed to think that life was near an end, the elevator jolted back to life. The three guys jumped up and crowded next to the door. They banged on the door hoping for it to open. Finally the elevator reached the 5th floor. The doors opened, while trying to shove through each other all three guys fell through the door. Pikachu scurried out leaving Ash behind. The snakes slithered toward the closing doors, Ash and Samuel both got up and ran towards freedom, as Buddy struggled to drag his feet out of the elevator. The doors closed tightly sealing the snakes in for the rest of the 24 floor ride.
Buddy sat himself up, placed his head in his hands and said, “They should be put on the naughty list.”

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