Hairs Essay

April 1, 2010
By Anonymous

We are all made differently. We are all unique. In my family, we all have small eyes, big eyes, round eyes, long eyes, and short eyes. The perfectly shaped eyes that stick out to me the most are my mom’s. Her oval shaped hazel eyes remind me of rainbows. Whatever she is wearing, her eyes adjust to the color. Her eyes, her eyes, are as beautiful as a starry night with millions of stars covering the dark sky. Whenever I see them up close, I see beautiful, dark green eyes. Her eyes change to many different colors. She is bubbly and so much fun to be around. The way her eyes sparkle show her light that shines when she enters a room. They shine like the stars. The dark green color of her eyes makes me feel safe and comfortable when I am with her. My eyes might be the same color as hers, but they are completely different. My eyes are mine and her eyes are hers.

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