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March 31, 2010
By Samantha Smith BRONZE, Palatka, Florida
Samantha Smith BRONZE, Palatka, Florida
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Every since I was a little girl, my mother called me Alex; her troubled child. I was always the out cast and nearly the suicidal stranger next door.
Only one particular omnicent day, everything in my life changed. Some say that I'm insane and delusional, others just ignore me. What ever your beleifs may be, please keep them to yourself.
Chapter 1: The call of Faith
While on the lumpy sofa i stared blankly at the television set, not paying attention at all. My momther caught my eye when she walked into the room. She plopped down on the couch beside me and let out an enormous 'huff' of air as if from tiredness.
"Mom you should go out, it's been two years since dad died, I miss his too but there's no reason why you shouldn't have some fun and entertainment," I said to her. She knew in her heart that I was right, there was no way to avoid that.
"okay, if I go will you stop with the guilt trips?"
I smiled devilishly, "yes-maybe."
"Where's the phone?" she asked as she giggled, "I'll call Isabell and see if she wants to go to that new club on 16th street," with that she left the room.
I flipped through the channels quite quickly, not really looking at the screen directly. However i stopped when I noticed my favorite show was on MTV. "Scarred", but my mom walked back in so i turned it off.
"What on earth do you have on??" I nearly screamed at her.
"What's your problem? It's just my mini skirt and my 'show me off' shirt."
"Okay, good luck then." I almost laughed. With the high heals on that she rarely ever wears, she staggered out the door. If you didn't know any better, you would've thought she was drunken.
As soon as she was out of sight, she was out of mind too. My cell phone started me when it vibrated my leg from inside my pocket. A new text from Max, my best friend in the world, I can conide in him for anything. I ignored it and dialed Amy's number.
"He-he-hello?" she stammered.
"Hey Amy I was just wondering if you-" she cut me off with heavy breathing.
"Okay Amy your busy... I'll just call you back later." then I most deffinitly hung up.
The next person on my list (who should've been first) was Max.
"Hey Alex," he answered almost instantly.
"Hey you want to come over? My mom just left to go out."
"Well I wish I could but, I'm going to dinner, I'm really hungary."
'Dang' I thought to myself.
"you want to come with me?" he asked.
"I'd love to but I don't have any money."
"it's alright, I'll pay."
"Thanks. You never cease you amaze me." I said with a smile.
"Alright then I'll be there in a minute."
"ok bye"
That was it, I had a friend date out to dinner with Max. I've always loved him, but I always hid it. We were such good friends, I didnt want to ruin that. He can go to me for anything, and likewise for me. I ran upstairs to get dressed.
While in the upstairs bathroom straightening my hair, I heard the front door open. I knew who it was so I wasn't scared.

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