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March 30, 2010
By xylobeats BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
xylobeats BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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He was in a small cafe, sitting by himself drinking a cup of coffee. and Anne saw him and she thought how it was the perfect moment to talk to him, if there was any moment that could be considered perfect. she entered the cafe and ordered a chamomile tea and walked past his table, hoping he noticed. of course, he did. the boy offered her the seat across from him. she thought about how it would be nice to sit on the seat next to him. she thought about how just the slightest accidental touch of their legs under the table would probably make her blush. but even though that wouldn't happen it was just he and Anne, and she was more than content with the situation. they both got to talking and the conversation flowed so smoothly. Anne couldn't stop smiling while she talked to him. Twenty minutes passed by and it seemed like she had just sat down. Anne asked him what he was doing in the cafe, and he looked out the window and said he was just waiting for nothing. Ten more minutes passed by, when a girl came through the small cafe door, all flustered and gasping for air. she looked around then walked towards the Anne's table.

A girl, Anne, wasn't too special. she was like other girls. you wouldn't be able to point her out if she was turned around amongst a group of people. she was one of a million. but there it was, the feeling inside, she was in love. they say love changes people. Anne felt it. she was changing, she made more effort of what to do with herself. more of an effort to stand out to be seen by the one she loved so much. Anne could feel her heart race when she thought about him. it was an amazing feeling. the boy was something extraordinary, he wasn't like the others. when Anne talked to him, she felt alive unlike how she's ever felt for anyone before him. he was different. Anne was deeply, truly in love. but unfortunately, what she didn't know. the boy was already in love. with the word unfortunately comes the fact that she wasn't the one he was in love. he already was in love with someone that took his breath away. he felt for the other girl the same way Anne felt for the boy. and there's the fact that this other girl knew the boy more than Anne did. the other girl knew his flaws, what made him happy, what made him sad. she knew what ever there was about the boy.

The girl looked at the boy and apologized for how late she was. Her hair contrasted her white coat as it fell on her shoulders as long dark curls. The boy's face lit up and he said it was fine. He introduced her to Anne and the girl smiled to Anne as if they had been friends for a long time and said hello. the boy asked her to take a seat, and she sat next to him. They all started getting into a great coversation, where Anne found out the girl was a childhood friend of his. The girl talked to Anne about how she used to pick on the boy and how he cried alot in their younger days. The boy stood up for himself saying how he only cried once, and the other times it was just something stuck in his eye. The girl laughed and quickly shut down his efforts of pride. All three of them laughed until Anne realized something. She watched how he laughed, how he smiled, how he acted. It was the same way Anne acted around him. She realized that the boy she was in love with was already in love with someone else. He was truly deeply in love with the girl. The girl was the one he was waiting for at the coffee shop. Of course to Anne, the girl was just a stranger but to the girl and the boy, Anne was the stranger.

She would rather have never met him than find out that he was in love with someone else.

The author's comments:
This is what you risk when you fall in love.

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