The Rain

March 29, 2010
By Allende BRONZE, Webster, New York
Allende BRONZE, Webster, New York
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"They're throwing bottles at your house...Come on, let's go break their arms."

"Be reasonable." "...Why?"

She struggled to get up, but fell back into the mud. She could hear their voices, laughing at her as the car pulled away. It began to rain, and then pour, washing her blood and bruises onto the ground. She sat there for a moment, unsure of what to do. Finally, simply fell face down back into the mud, and wept. She wept for what they had done, for what they had taken from her. She wept for her family and friends…she was too ashamed to tell them. She wepot for her future, for her mind, for her devesated body, and anything else could weep for. The rain continued falling, and mud welled up around her knees and bare chest. She beat her naked body with a bare fist, so filled up with emotion and anguish with no where to put it, no way to express it, and no way to make it go away. She picked herself up off the cold ground, and slowly made her way back home, forever different, forever changed.

And no one knows.

The author's comments:
This can destroy a person. It happens every day.

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