Life Lesson

March 29, 2010
By Kara Ramthun SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kara Ramthun SILVER, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Not much time had passed since school let out for the summer. She was relieved to be done with high school. She had a simple life. A job. A boyfriend. A car. It was all she really wanted. But she was not as happy as she seemed. She longed for a bigger, better life. One with adventure, and unpredictability. She was moving towards it all her life. Yet she never thought the day would come. The day she moved away. She wanted to forget her small town life, and her less than perfect boyfriend. She wanted to see how it felt to live the big life. The life of the city.
It wasn’t long until she moved to Chicago. She thought it was what she wanted. She quickly learned the city is not such a friendly place. In her first month of being there, she had been attacked and mugged, losing what little she did have. She wanted to go home. The place that was safe, but she had never wanted to be.
She moved back home after her 2 month endeavor. She was not sure what to make of it. She was home. But she had left a part of herself in the city. A part that will always be lost. What was left was a scared girl. Scared of life.

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