To Make the Cut

March 29, 2010
By BenWar GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
BenWar GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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After the intense game-score of 50 to 48, Cody came out of the locker room happy for getting to state. Big heads from out of town walked to Cody and said, “Do you have any plans for your future son? Can you reflect on the game?”
Cody started to say, “Well, in Hickiesville is different than most. 500 people were residence of the town. With a total of 70 teens at the high school, players were hard to obtain. Very hard. In this poor area, mainly of farmers and such, kids who want to play don’t even have the right shoes for this game.
Being impressed so far, they begged for him to continue…
Cody continued. “The season started probably as bad as it could be. I was the only one who had even watched a game of bball before. It was a rough road getting to this point. Our Coach Billy Esquire, had to teach the team fundamentals of every move and possible situation.”
“As for the last 26 seconds of the game, with being point guard, I had to accept responsibility for getting the ball in this situation. We had a minute time out, coach drew up my favorite play, the 1-2 hookydoo. This play was for me to come around a three man pick/ block and shoot the three along the baseline moments after getting the ball. This was very stressful with seconds on the clock and being down by one.”
“The play started and was working beautifully the huge pick was a brick wall to my opponent. I shot like in practice the ball went right threw the net as the buzzer hit. And now were going to state!”
“Interesting Cody. Well there is a spot for you at Ohio State. Here’s my card. Give me a call after you talk with your mom.

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