A Dark Place

March 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I remembering lying in the tub, a river of blood outlining by body; the drain slowly drinking my blood away. The cold air, being welcomed in by my bathroom’s opened window, turning my skin red, purple, and then finally to a color which I was not familiar with---if I were, I believe it would be called numb? How did it happen? It’s called a knife, a kitchen knife to be exact. Where? Wrist; usually my thighs, thought I would try something new though. Why? No comment.

“ Mags! Mags what did you?! Mags can you hear me?! MAGS!

Hello? Hello?! My adres---”

And that is where I left. I silently slipped out of consciousness and into the dark. A place where it is just you. No mother that is there to judge you. No father there to tell you his lies about how he has been working overtime, when really he has been having an affair with his assistant; yea, I saw your e-mails dad. No nothing. It is just you.

“ When do you think she is going to wake up?” questioned my mother.

“ You can never tell when dealing with a situation likes this. It may be two minutes or two hours.”

Dear I even open my eyes? Open my eyes to a women, who by blood relation is my mother, but rather have nothing to do with me? I’ll take my chances some else time, when I actually have someone by side, holding my hand, and telling me everything is going to be all right. And so here I lay, in this frigid hospital bed: thin, itchy sheets rubbing up against my irritated skin.

“ Hello? No, I’m not at the office. I’m at he hospital. Yeah everything is all right. Okay, thanks bye.”

“ Who was that?” Asked my mom.

“ Oh just my boss,” my dad replied back. “Is she okay?”

“ Yeah. I mean hopefully.”

“ Well then if she is fine, I need to get back to the office.”

That was my que.

“You mean to to Stacey, dad?”


“Hello? I am speaking to you,” and as I opened by eyes I saw this distant figure in the door way, with a bright red face.

“W-what are you talking about?”

“ Oh don’t give me your B.S., I know exactly what you have been doing at night. Just because mom is oblivious to everything, does not mean I am.”

He just stared at me. You could see the hatred in his eyes, the tension his face, and the strain in his neck. I glanced at mother to see what reckless mess she looked like; she portrayed a lost puppy, just dying to be saved. The cruel part was, that I did not feel any sympathy for her.

“ Nurse!” My father bellowed.

The Nurse came rushing. “Yes?”

“ Something is wrong with my daughter, she is accusing me of having an affair with someone named Stacey. I think that medicine was too much for her.”

“Really? Let me give her another dose of medicine. If she is not better the next time she wakes, I will have the doctor come check her out.

Are you kidding me? What an a-- and before I knew it, I was out again. Revisiting the dark place that I knew so well.

The author's comments:
I do not know what really inspired me, I just wanted to write about something different.

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