Death on First and Eagle

March 28, 2010
By silverwolf GOLD, Cary, North Carolina
silverwolf GOLD, Cary, North Carolina
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Officer Jenkins wanted to go home. It had been a very long day and he wanted to go back to his nice suburban house, shower, and then go to his daughter's play performance. The last thing he wanted to do was interview a bunch of shaken civilians, but duty had called and he was in his squad car speeding toward the scene of the incident.

It had been a nasty accident, some idiot kid had boosted a Porsche, taken it for a joy ride, and crashed it into a mini-van. Luckily a fire truck had been passing by and the firefighters had managed to get the people in the car out. The moron in the Porsche had jumped out and started running. Some teenager chased after him and tackled him. He was facing some serious charges.

Officer Jenkins arrived at the scene and got out of the car. A firefighter walked toward him.

“We've set up an office for you over there, sir” The fireman said pointing toward a folding table and two plastic chairs. “We weren't able to find a bright light for you to shine in people's faces though.”

“What?” Officer Jenkins said before he realized that the fireman was joking, “Oh, ha ha.” he said weekly, “Could you send me the young man who tackled our perp?”

“Certainly.” The fireman said and walked away. Officer Jenkins walked over to the plastic chairs and sunk into one of them. He sighed and glanced at his watch, he had about an hour and a half until he could go home.


Officer Jenkins looked up and saw a young man standing in front of him. He was a very large youth and Officer Jenkins suddenly remembered where he had heard the young man's name before, he played football for his son's high school. “Are you Tom Johnson?” He asked looking at his notepad.


“Why don't you tell me about what you saw both before and after the accident. Where were you?” Officer Jenkins asked clicking open his pen.

“I was riding my bike up First and I...”


“Excuse me sir?” Tom said to Officer Jenkins perplexed.

“Why were you riding your bike up first street?”

“Because I play football at Yangland High and the coach told us to bike seven miles everyday to build up leg strength. Today my mom told me to bike up to the store on First and Brain to get some groceries.”

“Thank you. Continue.”

“Yes, sir. So I was biking up First and just as I was about to enter the intersection I saw blue mini-van enter the intersection because the light had turned green. I braked and I saw a Porsche run the red light and barrel through the intersection. It ran right into the front of the mini van. The driver of the Porsche jumped out of the car and began running off. I saw a firetruck that was turning right onto eagle stop and a fireman jump out and run to the mini van. I jumped off my bike and took off after the driver of the Porsche. I chased him down eagle to Falcon Road where I caught up to him and tackled him. He fell down on the pavement and rolled over and punched me.”

“He struck you?”


“Did you hit him back?”



“He had just run a red light, hit a car, run off, and then he hit me! I was trying to bring him into custody!” Tom's voice was raised with an edge of pleading in it. He obviously thought that he was going to get in trouble with Officer Jenkins.

“Son,” Officer Jenkins said kindly, “You didn't do anything wrong. I was just wondering if we could charge this guy with assault.”

“Can you?” Tom said calmer.

“Maybe, I'll need to talk to some higher ups. Continue with your story. What happened after he hit you?”

“I hit him back. But I think he's in a gang and.....”

“Why do you think he's in a gang?”
“He was wearing gang colors, he had a tattoo on his neck, and he had a switch blade.”

“He had a switch blade?”


“Where is it?”

“Right here.” Tom said handing over a switch blade. Officer Jenkins flicked it out. It was a nasty looking thing with a long scratch down the middle.

“You can thank Jude for that scratch.”

“What?,” Officer Jenkins asked, “Who's Jude?”
“One of the fireman from the Firetruck. After I hit him and he hit me back he flicked out that knife and came at me. I kept dodging him and trying to get a few hits in, luckily Jude came running up the street, with an axe in his hand. He swung the axe at the driver's knife. He hit it and the knife spun out of his hand and landed on the ground. I grabbed it, flicked it back in, and turned around to see the driver running at me. He hit me and threw me to the ground. He punched me, and I was about to punch him back when Jude hit him on the back of the head with his axe's end. The driver passed out and I pushed him off me. Jude and I picked him up and carried him back to the intersection where we left him for the cops, sorry Officer, I mean the police to take care of. Jude made sure that the driver hadn't hurt me and went off to take a look at the kids in the mini van. I called my mom and waited for you to show up.”

“Thank you very much, Tom.” Officer Jenkins said standing up. “Will you send the firefighter who helped you out in?”


Officer Jenkins sighed and flipped to a new page in his notebook.

“Hello Officer.” Officer Jenkins looked up and saw the fireman he had met when he first came to the scene.

“Yes, hello, tell me what you saw during the accident.” Officer Jenkins knew he was being a little hurried but he needed to get going.

“Okay. I and my truck had gotten a call to come to a fire, but it turned out that the people at the house had put it out before we got there, So we were coming back and I was sitting in the back of the truck talking to one of my buddies when suddenly we braked hard and I heard the driver curse. I looked out the window and saw that two cars had crashed together. The driver of one of the cars jumped out and took of running. Some kid started chasing after him. While I was watching this happen the driver had parked the car and the other firefighters had started to jump out. I grabbed and axe and I ran over to the mini van. One of my buddies pulled the door open and started to help the kids out. Comfortable that they had the situation under control I decided to go look at the other car. An old lady was standing there apparently making sure no one was hurt inside. I assumed that she would have said something if someone was in there so I decided to go after the driver of the other car. I chased after him and found him trying to knife some teenager. I whacked the knife out of his hands. He ran at the boy so I smacked him on the back of the head. He passed out and I carried him back to the truck and we drove him to the police station. Then I came back to wait for you.”

“Thank you, send in the old lady.”

“That's it? You don't have any advice or orders or anything for me?” Jude was obviously disappointed.

“Don't leave town. Thank you.”

Another quarter of an hour, Officer Jenkins, thought, another quarter of an hour and he could go home.

“You the Copper?”

Officer Jenkins saw a little old lady walking toward him.
“Hello ma'am, yes I'm the officer of the law here. Can I help you?”

“You can tell me who frightened my dog today!”

“Excuse me?”

“I want to know who frightened my precious little Capone.”

“Who, now?” Officer Jenkins asked, maybe this old lady was senile.

“I want to know who scared my dog!” She sad.

“Madam,” Officer Jenkins said trying to regain control of the situation, “the man who distressed your canine is safely in police custody. Why don't you relay to me what occurred today.”

“Will ya send 'im up the river?” the old lady said.


“Will you put his behind in jail?”

“Yes ma'am, we will. Now why don't you tell me what you saw.”

“I was standing on the corner with my precious little Capone, taking him for a little walk and I saw a Porsche speed out into the middle of an intersection running the red light a mini van tried to break but it couldn't stop quick enough and they hit making a terrible noise my poor wittle puppsters was frightened. I walked him back to my townhouse and then walked back here to wait for you.”

“So you didn't go and see if anyone was hurt in the car?”

“Certainly not, I never went near that Porsche.”

“Thank you ma'am.” Officer Jenkins stood up. Time to go home, finally. “We'll keep in touch.” He began to walk toward his car.

“Hey mister.” a little boy said from behind him, “Aren't you gonna ask me what I saw?”

“Of course I am.” Officer Jenkins said smiling remembering when his children were that age, “What did you see?”

“I was riding in the back seat of mommy's car when we saw two cars crash into each other. Mommy pulled the car over and said she was going to go ask the firemen if we had to stay here because we witlessess. While I was sitting there I saw some grandma walk over to the fancy car and take something out of it . I saw her put something in her bag and then walk back to the corner. And I saw I firefighter run off with a big axe in his hand then mommy came back and said that we would have to wait here for a little while. I saw the fire fighter and a big boy carrying the bad guy back.”

“Thank you, did you say you saw a gandma take something out of the car?” Officer Jenkins asked with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

“Yes. She was standing on the corner with her doggy.”

“Thank you.” Officer Jenkins said as he turned and began to run away. He suddenly remembered a memo that had been sent around a few weeks ago titled “Jewels Thieves based out of Eagle Street” He drew his gun as he ran down eagle street. He reached the end of the street and glanced around.

“Why hello there copper.” The voice came from behind him and sent shivers down his spine. He turned around and saw the old lady pointing a gun at him.

“So you are the ringleader!” Officer Jenkins said raising his own gun to point at her. “But you're so old?”

“Why copper, you are a rude one.” The old lady said smiling, “and very perspective.” She reached up and pulled off her hair revealing a short black hair. She then pulled off her shirt revealing a Metallica Concert shirt. She then wiped the makeup of her face revealing the face of a young man. “I guess I'm not as good an actor as my director always says I am. You seem like a nice guy, Officer. And I can see by your ring that you're married. But you see, at the risk of sounding stereotypical, only one of us can live and I kind of like life. Sorry, dude.” A gun went off and a man screamed and fell to the ground. The other man stood over his now dead advisory, shook his head and strode off.

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on Jun. 3 2010 at 3:53 pm

Brain Street? Coincidence Ezra? I like this, but I like The Saga of Squirrel Maiming better. Just saying.

@Kansas Girl: of course!

Kansas Girl said...
on Apr. 11 2010 at 1:53 pm
So, was it the policeman who was shot?????  

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