The Ugly Girl

March 26, 2010
By Anonymous

The sound of birds and the warm air that splashed onto her skin soothed Cria to sleep. Cria Niano was a girl with many problems. She had sickle cell and diabetes. She spent her time staring out of windows wondering when her time was up. She’d walk to a mirror every five minutes to criticize herself. You’re hideous, she thought. You’re too skinny with buck teeth and you’re as flat as cardboard she thought. But this certainly was not true. She was voted as prettiest girl in the high school. No, this is a lie, they just voted for you because they felt sorry for you and your ugliness, she’d told herself.

There are people who are out there who act this way. It is so sad to say, but I cannot tell a lie. Cria was rather fortunate to be taught a lesson. She needed to stop waiting for the day she would die and live her life to the fullest. Let’s go on with the story, shall we?

Cria woke up suddenly to the sound of branches cracking.
“Who is there?” Cria choked. Her body was trembling but she tried to control it. It didn’t work.
“Who is there?” Cria cried in hopes for some answers. Cria was outside resting her head on a tree. She jumped up and banged her head on a tree branch.
“Ow!” She screamed. She was surrounded be leaves she knocked out of the tree. She rubbed her head through her luscious blonde curls. After picking up her books, she ran inside. There she was greeted by her triplet brother and sister.
“Hey sis!” They said together.
“Not now. I have to go to my room!” She said urgently. She darted up the steps and into her room. She locked the door and jumped in front of the mirror to criticize herself some more. After she was done, she sat on her bed. Why was she so ugly, she thought. She put her thick blonde hair in a pony tail and read some more. An hour later, she laid her book on the bed and she went to the bathroom to apply some make-up. When she was done, her triplet brother and sister were waiting outside of the bathroom door.
“Why are you doing this to yourself Cria?” Her triplet brother, Nason asked.
“Why am I doing what?”
“Why do you put make-up on when you are not even going anywhere?”
“Because… because… because I’m UGLY!”
“No your not.”
“Yes I am and you know it. You and Heva are the good looking one’s while I am the ugly trash can in the background.”
“What are you talking about?” Nason and Heva said together, “We are IDENTICAL triplets!”
“Your point being-”
“My point being is that if we are good looking, then you are too.” Nason interrupted.
“I guess but… I don’t know. I guess you are right.” She said with her head facing the ground.
“WHAT WAS THAT CRIA NIANO?” Nason yelled and laughed.
“YOU ARE RIGHT!” She yelled with him, “You guys are the best!”
“We know.” Heva and Nason said together.
“Stop that” Cria said. She hated when they did that.

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Star said...
on Apr. 11 2010 at 12:46 pm
That is an amazing story

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