Chapter 1

March 26, 2010
By GoldenPencil BRONZE, Jeddah, Other
GoldenPencil BRONZE, Jeddah, Other
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sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between two people

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain”
_ Author unknown

Rain was pouring down. At 5th street Avenue, no one could be seen outdoors; everyone was warm and cosy inside their luxurious bungalows except in bungalow #6 where a girl sat outside in her balcony.
It was a small, odd place on the first floor, attached to a bedroom, barely 1 by 1 metres in area. It was unsheltered and unique. None of the other bungalows had such a balcony. It seemed like an otherworldly place.
The red-brick walls of the balcony were covered in vines and moss. Plants of different species were arranged on the shelves and the floor. A bulky, antique wooden rocking chair with colourful cushions was there in a corner. Overall, the effect was relaxing and contending.
Alexandra Muffiato was soaked, sitting on the freezing floor of the balcony outside her welcoming bedroom. She was unsuccessfully trying her best not to let her mind wander to the painful memories of her past. The cold made her feel numb all the way to her brain. She liked that. But it seemed as if they were engraved in her mind as well as in her heart. She hadn’t shed a tear since it happened and she wasn’t going to start now. But the burden seemed too much as she felt the familiar monster of grief pressing hard until she felt like she couldn’t breathe. Alas, the monster won; her brilliant grey eyes glistened with tears which she had been holding back for what seemed forever.

The author's comments:
This is my first serious-minded writing and i would welcome any comments and advice on how to improve.
Also, chapter 1 is not so clear and you may notfeel the tags are related but when i upload the following chapters, it'll become clear, atleast i hope so!

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