Unknown Perfection

March 26, 2010
By Danny Pirro BRONZE, Airmont, New York
Danny Pirro BRONZE, Airmont, New York
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What is this? I come into class expecting to do work and there it is; just sitting in front of me, mocking me. A small silver covered object was sitting on my desk and had me lost in the moment. How could such a little thing, bring so many questions to my mind? What is this? Where did it come from? I was so confused I had to get a better look. When up close, it looks like one of the pieces that you would use in the board game called “Sorry”; wrapped up in what appeared to be aluminum foil. It had a little label sticking out of the top with words that read, “kisses.” I touched the object, thinking it would be soft and spongy, but to my surprise it was as hard as a rock. I tried squeezing it in my hand but all that did was hurt my hand and this item was unchanged. The label was very smooth and when I tugged on it, it came right out of the foil. Still curious, I went to unwrap this mysterious piece. The crackling of the wrapper as I pull it off. To my surprise, when it was naked of its wrapper, it was a dark brown in color. I smelled it and was flabbergasted. It was as pleasant as jumping in a pool on a hot summer day. The scent was similar to hot cocoa, or some kind of chocolate. Then I decided there was only one thing left to do; taste it. I picked it up off my desk, not knowing what I was in for. As I placed it on my tongue, I was doubting my decision. Then, out of nowhere this unspeakable taste filled my mouth. It was truly delicious, such a heartwarming taste that I thought I was dreaming. I savored every second of it, and I’m sure I’ll never forget about that moment. In the end I was very joyful but there was still something I couldn’t comprehend, what in the world is this thing?

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this is my best work

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on Apr. 13 2010 at 10:40 am
This is amazing! By far the best work on this website.

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