18 wins, 1 GIANT loss

March 26, 2010
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I was so exited. I couldn’t wait. My dad kept talking about it as well as the guy on the radio. “Are you ready for the big game”? My dad would ask. “Yes”. I would say. He was even more exited then I was. I hope the Giants win. When we finally got there I was so happy. I saw everyone sitting on the patio having snacks and waiting for the game to start. They were having chips and dip and listening to Jimmy Buffet. They introduced my family to some of their friends that we didn’t know. I started having chips and soda and just talking to my friends. I could tell that we were going to have a lot of fun that night. After I had finished my soda my brother, my friends and I went inside to watch the big game.

“Shhhh!!!!”- My friend said, “The game is starting.” The Giants won the coin toss and chose to kick the ball first. They were playing the New England Patriots. On the kickoff the Patriots got about 25 yards. It was a decent return. The Giants stopped them on 3 easy downs to force New England to punt the ball away. It was the Giants ball on their own 47 yard line. The Giants got it all the way to the red zone but could not score a touchdown. They settled for the field goal to take the early lead 3-0. Everyone in the room cheered as loud as they could. It was soon the end of the quarter with the score still 3-0 in favor of the Giants. Midway through the 2nd quarter the Giants fell apart for a drive and let up a touchdown. Everyone was then screaming and shouting because the Patriots were ahead 7-3 after the extra point. The giants bounced back and got a touchdown. Once again we all went crazy. The extra point was somehow blocked so the Giants were only ahead 9 -7 after the 1st half.

Since the Patriots got the ball at the start of the game, the Giants would receive it at the half. The coach must have said something to them because the came out of the locker room flying. They didn’t score but I knew they would soon. They shut down the Patriots to only field goal territory on a flag for pass interference on the Giants. The kick was up but was instantly blocked. The Giants ran it back to the 17 yard line. They got even more momentum and scored on the 1st play of the drive on a run by Brandon Jacobs. They lined up for the extra point. “It’s a fake!!!”- I screamed at the top of my lungs. Eli Manning threw a pass right to the wide out and he caught it easily. The defense just stood there in awe about the play. The Giants cheered and so did everyone at the Super Bowl party. The score was now 17-7 Giants. The 3rd quarter ended a couple of plays later.

Now it was the Patriots came out all pumped up. The coach probably said something to be a spark plug for New England. The Giants were outplayed by the Patriots the first couple of drives. The score was tied after a touchdown and a field goal for New England. The next pass the Giants threw was intercepted and returned for a touchdown. The score was now 24-17 for the Patriots. With a minute to go Eli Manning (the quarterback for the Giants), dropped back to pass, he threw it as far as he could to Amani Toomer In the end zone. He cached the pass against his head. The Giants went for a 2-point conversion and they completed it. We all yelled as loud as we possibly could. The neighbors would probably call to see if everything was alright if we didn’t stop.

The Giants easily held the lead because of the momentum that they had. The Giants were the Super Bowl winners. After the game we had dessert and cake to celebrate the win for the Giants. I was so happy as well as everyone else in the room. I couldn’t wait to brag to all of the Patriot fans in school the next day. It was getting late after a game of Apples to Apples. After we ate and played Apples to Apples we had to leave. I was upset that I had to leave and that I had school the next day. I was exited as well though because the Giants won, so I didn’t really mind leaving. On the way home I heard the guy on the radio again taking about the big win.

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