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March 7, 2010
By ninjacupcake SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
ninjacupcake SILVER, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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" For every 60 seconds u dont smile is a minute of unhappiness"

Her crush
As she closed her diary she wondered. Had she really liked him? Did she really think he was athletic and cute? But he would never notice her. He was in one clique and she was in another. He would never notice a semi pretty, skinny jean wearing nobody. As she got ready for school. She wondered blue jeans or black jeans. But who would care, she could never impress anybody. She hopped on the bus next to her best friends Anastasia, Christina, and Valeria. She still remembered his face with his greenish, blueish eyes. Her friends were worried about her. They told her that he would never like a nobody. A straight A nerd nobody. But she has hope that one day he would like her. She reached the school and she saw him. Her friends stared at her and smiled. As she walked by he didn’t even glance in her way. For the rest of the day she was sad. Her friends had a plan. They would ask him tomorrow if he liked her and make him swear not to tell anybody. But when the next day came that plan had backfired. By 6th period everybody knew. All the cliques teased her. As she stormed out with the taste of salty tears in her mouth. Her friends had known what happened. She sat in the front away from the world. Then she got a text and her smile had returned. The text message had said,’ Yes I do like you and would u like to go out” she screamed. Then the bus driver had told her to shush. But she didn’t care she had just gotten the boy she liked to ask he out then she texted him “Why do you like me” “I really like skinny jeans” he texted back. Her friends had come up to the front and asked what had happened so she showed them the text messages. They were so happy for her that they smiled to and they weren’t the ones that had just been asked out by your crush. All the way home she smiled and she was happy for the rest of the school year.

The author's comments:
My crush inspired me.I always hoped that this would happen to me.

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