They come to me

March 7, 2010
By skindeep BRONZE, New York, New York
skindeep BRONZE, New York, New York
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I sit here alone and I think about myself and how I am a very strong person, seen as how I’m the strength for not only myself but several other people.

One of them is my best friend. She is not yet grown enough to fend for herself in a world that is proven it's self to be too hard and to cold for her fragile soul to handle. She can be so naive but I will guide her. She comes to me when she has fallen in to her weaknesses and given in to the temptation to escape her reality and when she is dizzy stumbling and lost I will guide her home..She doesn’t see that the drugs aren’t working and that lust inst love so doesn’t relies gravity of her mistakes and how much they will come back to haunt here, not yet. But she will, she will.

My brother is lost in his mistakes in to deep to see that what he’s doing is ruining him. He is doing everything wrong and he knows that but its ALL he knows he was taught that these things destroying him, that they are ok. He comes to me when the drugs make him speak words that make no sense and take away the person that loves to make me smile and laugh, that turns me in to a ball of worry pacing around my room waiting for the fix to wear off so I can sleep knowing he's safe. But I can’t stop him, all I can do is listen to him babble and laugh in the moment saving my worming for a later date. I don’t think he sees what he’s doing to him self. Not yet but he will, he will.

And last is a girl I once knew. she was beautiful and so adored by so many, she had it all but then things came fell apart and came crashing down on her, do you know what its like to watch a person waste away to see the life fall from their eyes and the color drain from their cheeks the laughter be sucked out of their life? I hope this is something you never have to see. She fens convinced the only happiness she will ever see again is in rolled joints and pills to be popped and snorted and god knows what else. She comes to me to try and remember who she was she doesn’t have the strength to go back to that person yet, no not yet, but she will. She will

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