Happier Days

March 7, 2010
By Anonymous

I watch him lie in the hospital bed helpless, confused, and weak. My grandfather was dying and I couldn’t do anything but just sit and watch the day waste him away. Papa is what I call him he was always a strong tough man someone who influenced me in life. But now I knew he wouldn’t have much longer. It was hard to see him like this he’d always been there for me and helped me but now I could do nothing. The doctor said he wouldn’t have much longer and was surprised he’d lasted this long. I looked deep into his baby blue eyes but saw nothing as if his soul had already been lifted out of him. I began to cry as he reached and brushed his hand across my face. He looked up and said, “Don’t dwell on these last days with me but reminisce on the happier days.” With that I watched the life get sucked out of him. I drenched the bed with tears and with that I replayed his words in my mind. He was right I decided reminisce on the happier days.

My grandpa was approximately 6”4” and the smartest man I’d ever met. He sat on the porch like every other Saturday morning waiting for me to retreat from my bed. I stumbled onto the porch and he’d pushed himself up off his chair immediately. “Hey, peanut ready to go pick up the grapefruit?” he asked “As ready as I’ll ever be Papa,” I said cheerfully.

Those were the days my grandpa wanted me to remember not the last days when he seemed so weak. My grandpa was a strong, kind man and that was the way I would and everyone else would remember him. I think of the last words he’d ever said everyday and they give me confidence and strength to get through everything that is happening. My grandpa was an inspirational person and through me his love will live on forever.

The author's comments:
This inspired me because I lost two grandpa's last summer and am in the process of losing another so I wrote a poem of how I figure it will be to lose the next one.

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