Tears You Created

March 6, 2010
By AlmostCassidy GOLD, Ely, Nevada
AlmostCassidy GOLD, Ely, Nevada
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"If you love something let it go if it comes back you, It's yours forever."

I rub my Eyes Pink puffy and sparkling with tears. I cry out with pain at the thought of you. Every little thing i do i see you hear you feel you. I rub my eyes only to make them more puffy. *Ring* my phone calls to me. My eyes blur the number i cant see who is calling. "Hello?" I anwser only to find it's not you, just a wrong number. I fight the tears back, my throut tightins and my ears pop. With a scream all the tear flow out, I cry your name over and over just hoping that you will hear me, that you'll come to me and sooth my cries but you dont. I fall asleep, only to wake with the try crisp feeling of dried up tears on my face. I dont recall much of the night beofor only the huge hole you left in my chest. I wont leave my bed today. Not to eat wont be able to, not to talk to anyone for i only want to talk to you.

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