If You Were There

March 6, 2010
By Meezy GOLD, Hutchinson, Kansas
Meezy GOLD, Hutchinson, Kansas
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I knew it was time for me to go long before I found the strength to move. We hurried out your front room door before your parents had a chance to say anything. The night air hit me like a block of ice. The cool wind shook my spine and you pulled me in close as we slowly walked down the street.

Your warmth heated my whole body as we stood there at the corner, far from my home.

"I'm so tired." you said. I looked into your eyes with a longing and a hope that you would say those words to me.

"I think I'm going to go back home."

I stood there in shock hoping that you were joking. Hoping that you wouldn't make me walk 12 blocks home in the middle of the night alone. I grabbed your hands without saying a word, my eyes never losing sight of yours.

"Yea, so...I'm gonna go home. Goodnight."

And you were gone. I stood in the darkness and whispered the words I could never say to you in person. "I love you."

The night air chilled my body and chattered my teeth as I begin my nightmare journey home. It was only two blocks away when the lights flashed by. I heard the man say something but I ignored him. He drove past.

But the second time I saw the lights I became frightened. I heard his yell once again so I pulled up my hood and prayed for him to leave me alone. But he didn't.

He pulled up beside me.
He wouldn't have done that if you were there.

"What's your name, sweet thang? Don't you need a ride?" he said. I kept walking with a sharp pain in my stomache. My fear had erupted inside of me.

"Don't ignore me little girl. I said, what's your name?" he persisted. I looked at him. All I saw was a shadow. He drove along slowly beside me. He wouldn't have done that if you were there.

"You should hop in my car and show me a good time." He said. His disgusting voice became more and more disturbing with every word he spoke. I shook at the sound.

I walked faster but it didn't help. Then I heard nothing. The car had stopped. I didn't look back, just kept going.

That's when I heard his footsteps. They became harder and louder as I realzied he was running after me. Fast. He wouldn't have done that if you were there.

I looked back for a quick second to see how close he was. He reached after me but I ran as fast as I could. I could hear his heavy breathing behind me as I ran for my life. He wouldn't have done that if you were there.

I began to scream as I realized how close he was. I could feel his breath blow my hair. The smell repulsed me. I screamed out for help but they were drowned out by the heavy sounds of his footsteps.

He grabbed me. I lost. I was pulled back violetly by the jerk of his large grasp. I kicked and scream like a little girl but he wouldn't let go. The scraping of my shoes against the pavement hurt my ears.

He dragged me back into his car. I knew I was going to die. The smell of his cologne made me gag as he cover his sweaty hand cover my mouth and nose. It was over.

Where were you? I screamed your name but you never came. You know, he wouldn't have done that if you were there.

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