The Long Walk

March 5, 2010
By DoctorWho BRONZE, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
DoctorWho BRONZE, Sandy Hook, Connecticut
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Peregrin walked. His feet fell on the tracks of generations that had traveled before him, some gaily, some morosely and some with heavy loads. But Peregrin just walked. He walked neither slowly nor quickly nor gaily nor sadly but he just walked. He knew not where he was heading but he walked. He walked away his sadness, going from one state to the next, rarely stopping except for necessities. He walked away his sorrow as well as his life. When he stopped he thought of her and started to walk once more. His mind was a raging sea that would quiet as he walked. Soon he began to forget the purpose of his walking but continued to walk. His breaks became shorter and further between. Walking was his sorrow, tears were his footsteps. So intent was he on ridding himself of his sorrows, he forgot to think of joys.

In the words of a wise man: “There goes the foolish traveler, a man who walks away his feelings of unimportant grief while the happy world runs past.”

Stay happy.

The author's comments:
Some might consider this to be a depressing article so don't read unless you like being depressed, don't read this.

Stay Happy

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