Gossamer Lips

March 4, 2010
By Anonymous

Her limp brown hair laid over her face like a wall, blocking my distorted vision from seeing her features. I didn’t know this girl; neither did I know where I was. It was pitch black dark with heavy clouds lingering in the sky, no stars were visible either. Red and blue lights were cutting through the night like knives, the sirens from the ambulances pounding back and forth in my eardrums. I felt lifeless, pain searing through my head giving me a loud, pounding headache and my leg twisted a wrong, sickly way. Lying on the cold pavement gave me a weird sensation above everything else; I felt warm from the breeze, cold from the wet ground caused by the rain earlier. I first heard heavy footsteps than I saw a man, about in his 32’s with dark brown hair, a sharp jaw line, and a straight nose.
“Sir! Sir! Can you hear me?”
The man said in a deep voice dripping with concern, I could tell in his happy times his voice had a strong sense of kindness and love. I managed to grumble out a low ‘yes’ before he took me hand and tried to help me up. My leg burned like a raging fire but I managed to stand, stumbling a few times.
“Stretcher over here!” The man yelled at the paramedics. I staggered once more and the man took hold of my arm, steadying me until the black and yellow stretcher was rolled over to where I was standing and some people I didn’t know lifted me on. As I was being rolled over to the huge hospital truck with the flashing lights and bunches of machinery in the back, people buzzing around this empty spot on the road I saw the girl. She was on her back with her hand reaching out and other laid across her chest. She had long, mousy brown hair that was splattered across the pavement mixed with blood. She had several glass pieces sticking out of her chest and legs, blood trickling out. Her sky blue eyes were staring at something that wasn’t there anymore; frozen open like she had been thrusted into ice. As I was being lifted into the huge vehicle, she looked at me and took her last breath. After that, I felt the world blur and then black out.
I woke up to florescent lights blaring into my eyes, the beeping of machines and the worried faces of my foster parents. A groan escaped my lips as I tried to sit up, and Marie and John looked over to see me awake. They stood and walked over swiftly Marie taking my hand gently and John putting a hand on her shoulder.
“What….. Happened?” I choked out in a whisper.
“You were in a car crash, a devastating one at that.” Marie explained and after a brief pause, she continued.
“A girl died… You killed her Zack.” Marie finished, choking out a short sob after my name.
“But you should sleep now and we’ll figure out everything later, okay?” John said his voice deep with concern, a tad of anger, and mostly an emotion I couldn’t figure out; grief maybe?
“Alright” I said a little bit stronger, but with no such hope recovering my voice. I closed my eye lids with scenes of the crash coming rushing back. Blood, sirens, glass, crumbled cars and wet asphalt. The last image I saw before I fell into a deep sleep was the girl. With limp mousy brown hair, her piercing blue eyes, and ghostly gossamer lips.

The author's comments:
I just figured I should write a piece with the pure agony and horror of drinking and driving. Just want to get the message out there because I think it's important for everyone to be aware of.

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