Break Away

March 4, 2010
By Koifish11 SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
Koifish11 SILVER, Littleton, Colorado
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Breaking away from the crowd has always been my thing. I am that shy, geeky girl with tortoise shell specs you see sitting alone at recess, with her head buried in a good book.

I’ve never been apart of the “cool” crowd and probably never will with my looks and grades, uh-uh. My mom is one of those naïve parents who think that you would be cool if you have all A’s. Usually I don’t mind doing my homework and getting good grades. My usual self is curled up on my bed with math homework or a really good book.

Today was whole new day though and it was going to be one long day.

“Why can’t I go to the party, Mom?” I yelled, infuriated.

“Because, Luxe, you have not done your homework and it is almost dinner time,” my mom stated, placidly.
“So,” I paused, “no one else I know even does all their homework.” I knew that arguing with my mom was futile but I really wanted to party. Every day in my life had been the same. Come home, do all my homework, read a book for a few hours, then go to bed. It was the way I had been raised. Right now, though, something had to change.

I was almost seventeen and I still hadn’t been to a single sleepover or party that took place at night. I wanted to go to this party because of this very reason and others. For example, almost every kid in my junior class was going to be going except for the nerds, like me.
I was going to prove that nerds knew how to bring down the house. Of course the only parent who would never understand that had to be my mom.
“Fine, you know what I’m not going,” I said glaring at my mom. I’m almost sure I had a murderous glint somewhere in my eyes as well.
The only reason I said this is to make my mom think she had won this battle but she was no where close to winning. I hunched my shoulders, to give the added effect, the moment seemed to need. An evil plan was already forming in my head as I trudged up the stairs.
Chapter Two

Instead of doing my homework, I shut myself in my room and prepared myself for escape and the party. I threw my book bag into my closet and turned on my Ipod to calming music. The music I usually turned on when I read a book. I’m sure my mom assumed I was doing my homework. I was far from my homework. Silly mom, I thought to myself. My plan to escape this house was this:
First, I was going to prepare myself for the party in clothes appropriate for a bit of climbing. Then, I was going to clean my room and make my bed. At about Five ‘o’ clock I was going to make my escape. My escape route was out my window, down and around the roof to the front porch. Then from there I was going to jump down onto the porch and with my silver Prius, I, Luxe, was going to drive myself over to the party at the Parks’ house.
The plan was so well thought out I was surprised at its’ complexity, for the same plan had been thought up in a matter of minutes.
For the party I was dressed in an adorable, lime green, halter top paired with my favorite pair of jeans with a hole in the right knee. On my feet, I decided to wear my lime green pumas. Instead of my usual tortoise shell glasses, I switched them out for a navy blue pair with clear swirls along the sides, which accentuated my hazel eyes. That was almost the only other reason I bought the glasses in the first place. I have to admit I looked good.
The time had finally come. I was so excited I had tripped over my feet a couple of times that it started to get out of hand. I finally took a calming breath and then put my plan into action.

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i just felt like writing :)

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