March 4, 2010
By alexisabbott BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
alexisabbott BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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Chapter 1
My name is Alexandra Finngles, but people call me Alex. These past few days the only thing on my mind is one question, what the hell has happened to my life? I swear it can not get any worse.
I remember the beginning of it all. My mother and I were eating dinner and I had no idea what was coming.
“Hun, I have to talk to you about something,” my mom said. Oh great, I thought, not the sex talk.
“Ok?” I replied
“Well you know that I am really broke…”
“Yeah mom, where are you going with this?” If it isn’t the sex talk then what it is, I thought.
“Well, I have to file bankruptcy,” she started to cry. “I’m so sorry sweetheart; I just can’t do it anymore.” I felt really bad.
“Mom, it’s ok. We will make it through this. As long as we are together, we will make it.” I was trying as hard as I could to cheer her up, to make her feel, but nothing was working
With a couple of weeks and some moving trucks, we were off to another town. We couldn’t find a cheap apartment in our area so I had to switch schools. Even though I was so scared about switching schools I told my mom that I understood. I tried to tell myself that it would be ok because I can still see my friends and my boyfriend chase and I could try to make it work.
It was Monday, my first day at a new school and I was really nervous. My mom told me that it was going to be ok, but isn’t that what moms are supposed to say? The thing is I know all about high school. New girls are always the hot topic of the gossip.
I drove up to school with my mom. We had to sell my car so I couldn’t drive myself. Once I climbed out of the car I heard the whispers.
Their whispers were all about the “new girl and what they thought they knew about me it’s really funny how they got all of this “info” about me. Even though I know that it’s not true it still pisses me off.
I just entered the office when the bell rang. “Crap!” I said probably a little too loud.
“Hi, I have to pick up my schedule.” I said to the lady at the front desk who goes by Lisa.
“Name please.” she was a very chipper person.
“Alexandra Finngles.”
“Ah… yes, here you are.”
“Do you need help to your class?” Lisa asked.
“Uh… yes please.” I didn’t really like asking for help to my class though.
“Ok. I will have Tyler walk you to your class.”
Tyler, A guy? I wonder if he’s hot. OMG what am I thinking, I have a boyfriend.
“Hey, what class do you have?” Tyler asked as he walked in the room.
“So hot.” I said. It was so embarrassing. I was kind of drooling.
“Excuse me?” he asked a little confused. “Oh… uh it’s so hot in here.” I said as quickly as I could.
“Oh, ok. So your class?” he asked for the second time.
“Oh yeah sorry. I have Mrs. Flituze?” I was unsure of how to pronounce her name.
“Isn’t that room 84, Art?” he asked as a question although I think he knew the answer.
“Ok. Let’s go.” as he was walking out he brushed up against me. I thought I was going to faint. “Are you coming?” he turned around to look at me.
“Yeah, sorry.”

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