Sleeping Beauty

April 4, 2010
By Caitlin Fryer BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
Caitlin Fryer BRONZE, Plymouth, Minnesota
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A sense of freedom and relaxation was present everywhere as another glorious day began. The sun reflected off the chlorinated water as somewhere nearby the sound of a swinging golf club could be heard. People were scattered everywhere. Some were soaking up the vitamin D, while others dangled their feet in the perfectly chilled water. The braver ones dove right in. It was like a preview of heaven. Annette was sprawled out on a pool chair, strawberry lemonade, a pair of sunglasses, and sunscreen, were on the table next to her. She was just beginning to doze off when she heard someone exclaim, “Annette! Hey Annette! We thought we’d find you here.” Annette slowly opened one eye and she could see one of her best friends, Mary, followed by her other two best friends, Flora and Fiona. Annette sat up in her chair just as Mary plopped herself down right where her feet had been.
“Hey, what’s going on?” Annette asked reaching for her strawberry lemonade. Flora and Fiona were now hovering nearby both of them beaming.
“We’re here to help you plan your party,” Mary said.
“Yeah, it’s not everyday someone turns sixteen,” Fiona added, “Did you get permission from your parents to have it here?”
“Yeah, they said they can close off the pool from the other members,” Annette said, smiling. Fiona and Flora sat down on the open pool chair next to Mary and Annette.
“Do you think your parents would let me have my sweet sixteen here too?” Flora asked.
“I don’t know. You’d have to ask them,” Annette said, laughing.
“Well first things first. What color swim suit should she wear?” Fiona asked.
“Blue!” Mary exclaimed.
“No I think she should wear a pink one,” said Flora.
“But blue brings out her eyes,” argued Mary.
“Well pink says It’s-My-Sweet-Sixteen-Treat-Me-Like-Royalty.”
“Wow, who’s that?” Fiona interrupted. The other three girls stopped arguing and followed Fiona’s gaze. He was wearing red swim trunks and holding a matching red life preserver. He had a perfect tan and shaggy brown hair.
“My parents forgot to mention they hired a new lifeguard.” Annette said still staring.
“They also forgot to mention how hot he is,” Mary said.
“Stop staring I think he’s coming over here,” Flora said, quickly turning away. Sure enough he was strutting over towards the girls.
“Hey, you’re Annette Rogers right? Your parents own the country club,” He said. Annette stood up.
“Yeah that’s me.”
“I’m Peter. Your parents just hired me the other day.”
“I guess I’ll be seeing more of you then,” Annette said, “It’s nice to meet you.” Before either of them could say any more they could hear someone calling Annette’s name from across the pool. Immediately realizing who it was Annette rolled her eyes. When she turned around he was standing there in his dark green and white valet boy uniform, a pair of keys in his hands.
“Hi Matt,” She said, trying to be polite.
“I should probably get back to work. It was nice talking to you,” Peter said.
“Okay I’ll see you later,” Annette said.
“Who was that?” Matt asked, a glint of jealousy in his eye. Matt had always had a creepy obsession with Annette. She tried to be nice about it, but sometimes it was difficult.
“The new lifeguard,” Fiona answered for Annette.
“Oh. Well I bet he doesn’t have a shiny new car to take you out in,” Matt said.
“I can’t tonight,” Annette answered, just as she had the whole summer.
“One of these days you’ll be begging for me,” Matt said, before stomping off. The girls waited until he was out of earshot to begin their laughter.
A couple weeks later Annette sat in her room wearing her blue and pink swimsuit. Flora was busy curling Annette’s hair, while Fiona and Mary started gathering things together that they could bring to the party.
“I still don’t understand why you’re curling my hair if it’s just going to be ruined anyways. It is a pool party you know,” Annette said.
“Well your entrance is important. Especially because Peter is going to be there, so why not?” Flora said. She finished up the last curl and spun the chair around towards the mirror.
“How’s that look?” She asked, unplugging the curling iron.
“Can you do my hair everyday?” Annette asked, laughing. Mary came bouncing into the room.
“You look great!” She exclaimed, “Fiona and I are ready to go when you are.”
More and more loud party-seeking teenagers started to arrive. Music was blasting adding to the noise level of a successful gathering. Peter and Annette were practically inseparable. Matt watched as Peter easily sabotaged his chances of winning over Annette and soon he became the living form of jealousy. When Peter was somewhere other than beside Annette he took this opportunity to make his move for the millionth time.
“Hey Annette, have you gotten your sixteen birthday kisses yet?” Matt asked, his words saturated in confidence. Before she could even say anything Matt was kissing her. Completely surprised Annette pushed him off, but stumbled backwards hitting her head on the lifeguard chair. She was knocked out instantly falling into the water. People who saw the commotion started panicking. That’s when Peter dove into the water after Annette. It felt as if he was down there for years. He finally grabbed hold of her and rushed to the surface. Fiona, Flora, and Mary were there to help pull Annette out of the water.
“She’s not breathing!” said Mary frantically. Peter then pulled himself out of the water. He also checked to see if she was breathing and, like Mary, he realized that she wasn’t. He quickly started giving her the kiss of life. After a few minutes Annette’s eyes suddenly flickered open. She started coughing. Someone came back to announce that an ambulance was on its way. Annette looked back at Peter, still in shock that he had just saved her life. True love’s first kiss.

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