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Leap of Faith

April 4, 2010
By tallgirl1222 SILVER, South Pasadena, California
tallgirl1222 SILVER, South Pasadena, California
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"Actions make character. If you never do anything, you never become anyone." An Education 2009

She grinned that perfect smile at me, giggling slightly. We both stood, shivering, near the edge of her pool, a frigid abyss in the middle of February. Our bathing suits offered us little salvation from the cold zephyr that sped by us, whipping our bare skin into numbness. I wanted only to rush into the doorway of peeled paint that led into her heated house, but my friend stood there expectantly, hands on her hips.

“Come on, “ she told me, “Get closer to the edge.” Obdurate, I remained a statue cemented to the paved walkway.

She frowned and chided, “Don’t you trust me?” I nodded and bit my unfeeling, slightly blue lips, stepping toward the edge. In a second, her hands were pressing against my back, and before I even realized what was happening, I had tumbled into the pool. They icy water of the pool cut into me, my aching lungs screaming for air. I struggled against my protesting limbs, fighting my way to the surface. No, I though wearily, I don’t trust you.

The author's comments:
Just a short little piece that I wrote for an english assignment :)

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