March 25, 2010
By Sweetpea BRONZE, Keller, Texas
Sweetpea BRONZE, Keller, Texas
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It was the thing that spoke to me late at night, the voice seeping through the walls, across the floor into my lifeless bed, and finally into my flesh. I felt it rushing through my veins infecting me with its poison. Pain shooting up my spine as it forcefully entered my skull into my brain. Like waves crashing against a sea, my mind floods with too many thoughts running suffocating me. One after another never seeming to stop, no air is needed, for people unworthy. Had weeks pasted? Months- evens years? Sunlight was once an ordinary everyday thing now it’s as though a rarity, extraordinary beauty. I knew of all the dangers the risks that came with saying one word. Yes. Screaming within this cage that I willing put myself in, drowning in the thoughts of freedom I can’t taste. How could one effortless said word change ones whole life.

A shadow creeps into the room making the room become heavy of a presents of another. My candle ominously flickers as hallow steps come closer and closer. Breathing seems to become difficult as evil closes in. Tight lips, pale ghostly skin, and vacant eyes are all I can see of a demonic man. A man that would promise you the world only to have him destroys yours. Once I had seen those eyes as tender loving now I saw right through them for the truly bitter coldness they held. Mans finest corruption of a person.

He strolls over to the bed sits waits a few seconds before pulling out a cigarette and slowly lighting it. “We’ll be leaving in the morning…..but you will stay here.” Voice deep with circling with venomous thoughts he brushes his tough hand on my forehead, but I feel no comfort from his gesture only regret.

“Ok…” excitement fluttered through as though butterflies soaring through my entire being. A hopeful of me finally finding a way out of here, but I knew it was a little to none possibility. I turn away from him to look upon the window that let me see out of this place into the world I once had known.

He quickly twists and grabs my hair to pull me sharply against his hip as he softly whispers “You’ll never leave here alive….” Then as quick as he was to have yanked my hair forcefully rammed my face into the window. A storm of dark blood, snot, and tears fall from my shattered face, but I burry my face deep within the pillow to shield it from further damage. Swiftly kissing the back of my head whispering his apologizes of his crazed actions. Abruptly he walks out of my room like he saw a ghost slamming and locking the door.

Slowly I arise from the davenport with shaky knees, clumsy legs guiding me to the tiny bathroom. Flash the lights go on, flash you can’t hide in the dark any longer, and flash your open wounds are exposed. Eyes that glow with a stare of disturbing truths hidden behind them that no one could breech those life altering stories. With a delicate lift of the hand I turn the knob as warm water rushes to hit the bottom of the sink, and I think of all the days wasted here in this abused house. You look it at it and just know this house stood proud, a loving home to anyone, but now it rots with insanity of the people who possess it. It’s much needed care would never be fulfilled. Gently I put my hands into the refreshing water to cleanse my face of the blood, to wash away all the pain, into the drain it went, and to free myself of the evidence that something injustice had happened. My mind pounced on to the memory of the day this is all began.

“Hey Chastity I have a question to ask of you.” Beth slyly states in my ear as I open my locker.

“What do you want? I mean ignore me all you want, but please whenever you want something please oh please just come out and use me.” Anger draining of me as I look into her shallow eyes, but she quickly looks away.

“Oh Chas you know I don’t ignore you I’ve just been busy is all… I mean unless you don’t want to go with me to a party…?” Oh she was good, to good at playing people in my opinion, but then again things can come back to haunt you. “Please?” Titling her head and gives me this sad puppy eyes look.

“Fine I cave whose party? None of that crazy crap you’ve been getting yourself into will be there right?” This was serious she had been going down a deadly path for the last couple of months no more just drinking, but anything she could get a hold of and I just didn’t know if I wanted to put myself in that situation.

“Chas, Chas you worry to way to much about things it’ll be fine. Lots of people are going to go and if they want to do things that you think are wrong well no one will force you to do them or for that matter make you stay in the room. So let the spirits of your excitement just wash over you and breathe in the calming air.” She gets louder as she throws up her arms, twirling around as those she is dancing with spirits.

“Right I’ll keep that in mind for next time. Well just call me or randomly pop up in my house like I know you love to do.” I slam my locker shut and hurry down the hall for I am not sure of what I have done.

Later that night we walk up to a nice looking home white picket fence, sharply cut lawn, and lovely flowers leading the way to the door. Beth was a nonstop chatter box in the car talking about school how she might fail and drop out to girls talking about her behind her back or oddly about cartoons at one point.

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